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Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly recap

Happy Friday friends!

Hope everyone enjoyed their week and has great plans for the sunny weekend.

I had a great week slowly easing back into my workouts:

Monday: 1.5 mile run
Tuesday: 2.5 mile walk
Thursday: 2.5 mile walk
Friday: 3 mile run

Add in a few days of riding and three days of working in the field and it wasn't a bad way to ease back in.

The swelling in my ankle is completely down and I did not experience any pain while running.

But boy is a month off bad for the legs! 3 miles felt like ten this morning to confirm that every time you stop it's so so hard to start again.

Stacie and I ran 3 flat miles this morning and then it was off to work. I made sure to pack a healthy lunch to avoid the fried seafood joint next door that smells oh so delicious.

I think ill compromise with an ice cream cone on the way home :)

Happy Weekending!

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