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Friday, March 9, 2012

To Stretch... Or Not To Stretch.....

Last week I decided to flip open my Womens Running magazine to take my eyes off the computer screen and take a break from work.  While flipping through the articles, I stumbled on an article labeled "Running Myths Busted".  The title sounded interesting enough.  When I flipped to page 16, I couldn't believe what I read....

"Myth 3-  Runner should stretch daily: Research shoes that the only benefit of stretching is to increase your flexibility. There is no evidence that stretching will ward off injury or improve your speed.  If you stretch before you run, this may actually have a negative impact on performance.  Runners who want to increase their flexibility should stretch only after running, or even better, completely apart from their running workout".  

This goes against EVERYTHING we were ever taught about running!! Now Stretching is bad?!?  We were told stretch before, stretch after, injury prevention, help your muscles during your run. improve your speed... and now we decided its all bogus?  I had these same feelings the day I found out Santa Clause wasn't real... anyone else as confused as I am?  After sitting in that van for 3+ hours... I am going to want to stretch before I start running 9 miles... but apparently it will not make a difference? I am going to call this one BS.

Other running myths busted?  Take a look:  


What will the next traditional running idea gone wrong be?

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