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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mile Tracker is back by (un)popular demand!

Its the last day of February....Ragnar is not until May...
 that gives me 61 days until Ragnar... PLENTY of time to train right?  
Ragnar is a race like no other and the more training and distance you can build up the better! 
If you need some motivation - here it is

Get a running group together or start running with your friends.  
A lot of us still live in the area.. lets do some group runs! 
Thatcher, Liz, Olive and I headed out for a 5.5 mile run Sunday-
 its amazing how quickly a run goes by when your running with good friends :)

(We brought along Olive- she is usually a great running partner.. 
but this time she puked, pooped, and tripped Liz- shes can be a good distraction at times ) 
She rarely sits still for pictures... and yes- those are my awesome birthday gifts- an awesome harness for Olive, and a hands free running belt for running with her ...
. and a Garmin GPS watch to track my runs...( I got spoiled this birthday)

Grab your dog, buy a watch, grab your friends... 
what ever it takes to get your butts on the road... track... treadmill... pick your poison!  
The mile tracker is coming back full force!

What the f!*K is a mile tracker you ask? Read on!

 Every Sunday night your mileage for the week is due.  We will run the week from Monday to Sunday.  Please email Marissa and I your total mileage for the week. For example you will email:
Mon: 3
Wed: 5
Fri: 3 
Sun: 8 

Monday morning, I will post everyones mileage on the blog page titled "mileage".  Note:  I am not judging how much you run... if you chose not to you are only hurting yourself.  The idea is that if you have to publicly admit your mileage... your going to run a little further and a little more often.  This is just one of my many motivation tactics for our teams!  

So--- everyone's mileage is due THIS Sunday - you have our emails :)
Happy Running!  

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