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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cleaning Up The Track

Back when I went to Lyme Old Lyme High School four scores and 7 years ago, we did not have a track... well....unless you could call a rocky path enclosing the sad excuse for a field, a track.  Not only did our indoor track team not have an indoor track, but we really didn't have an outdoor track.  We spent our workouts on the pavement, concrete halls, Johnny Cake Hill, and even the occasional jog through the grave yard.

When I went to the new track to run for the first time,  I could not believe my eyes--- it looked like the kind of track a town with such high taxes should have....... It is beautiful... and huge... and soft.. and cushy... and covered in garbage.  Yep from Mcdonalds wrappers to water bottles, you name it.

I took Olive to the track with me to do a nice flat cushioned run on the track to help my tired half marathon legs heal from Saturday.  I decided to let Olive run around loose while I ran a casual 4 miles.  Every mile Olive collected a new piece of garbage....

The grand total that Olive picked up was 4 plastic water bottles.

Unless your well water is toxic ( it happens- that's actually my job)  then you shouldn't be spending your money on bottled water just to leave the remnants on the field after practice.

its 2012.... who doesn't have a reusable?  Of course I do :) Even Olive has one...

Moral of the story:  Tracks are awesome for an easy flat workout, Get your butts running for Ragnar, and Recycle :) 


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