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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

43 Days to get your butts in gear....

Thats it- just 43 days people!  Hope everyones hitting the pavement a few times a week.

We still have some loose details to clear up:

Team 2 Van 2:  Need a van!  Sadie any updates??  Also- Jill will not be 100% sure until that WEEK so if anyone knows some one who wants to be a last minute sub LET ME KNOW!

Website:  Not all of you have made a profile on the website- Make a profile, and sign the waiver so Marissa and I can assign you to your appropriate leg.  You need to put in your pace so I can get a team average and request a start time.  If we do not get an early enough start time... we miss all the good free beer.. just saying.....Let me know if you need another invite to our team via email

Double Days:  I HIGHLY recommend scheduling 2 runs in 1 day to mimic the painful reality of Ragnar-  I will be starting my training of back to back 9 mile runs... gulp.....

T Shirts:  I will get the details but I will need to start collecting t shirt sizes soon

MONEY:  I will need to start collecting money soon- last chance for any last minute sponsors.......

Sponsors: If you have a sponsor make sure Thatcher has their check.. and Frank has their logo- Possibly in "vector" format?

HOTELS:  Technically, only van 1 runners from each team will need a hotel-  Van 1 starts the race early am (probably 8am) where as van 2 takes over probably at around 12, leaving van 2 times to drive to Boston Friday am.  Van 1 should grab a hotel the night before as they will probably start around 8 am- Marissa is looking into that-  If people from van 2 want to get down there the night before we can schedule a pasta dinner of some sort--- may be hard with 24 people but if thats what the crowd wants well make it happen.

GEAR:  We will need to start collecting the required gear...
Each van will need:  2 safety reflective vests... 2 tail lights... 2 head lamps


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