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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Six Mile Saturday, Take A Hike!

Six Mile Saturday was a success! 

 Brian, Stacie, Thatcher and I headed to Rocky Neck State Park for a 6 mile run.  Earlier that day, Courtney and I took the dogs for a 2 hour hike through the Devil's Hopyard, I rode my horse and went to Soundrunner... it was a productive day!


Hiking was a good way to Cross Train-  if anyone is looking for some good hiking- The Hopyard has a good incline, great hiking, and gorgeous views.  

At Soundrunner, Thatcher decided it was time to buy his third, yes third pair of running sneakers along with a few other essentials.  

This is a Ragnar essential, especially for those long legs.  Thatcher can no longer use chaffing as an excuse to cut our longer runs short :) He also got some quality moisture swicking undies- another good Ragnar purchase !


Sweaty Bands!  Keeps those flyaway hairs out of my race - and it's adorable!

Brooks Pure Flow Sneakers-  Thatcher gave good ratings if anyone is looking for a good transition shoe from cushion to a barefoot style running.

After we stocked up on our running gear, we headed to Rocky Neck State parkfor our run.  I love Rocky Neck because it is ideal for running- State park- flat paved road ( I am too clumsy for trail running ),  Minimal traffic, and I will mention again... its flat terrain.  Oh and the view is awesome. 

It was great to get some of the team together and getting to know some team mates.  Hoping we can get more of team Caped Cod Fish on the next group run.

Happy Running!

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