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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Burned Out

Saturday evening, I set out for my long distance run for the week.  After about 4 miles and 6 hills I just stopped ...and walked.  I was completely burnt out of running and did not have the motivation or desire to run another step.  After a mile and a half of walking I decided I was over that too and called Thatcher to pick me up.   It was the strangest feeling... I always had days where I had to push myself out the door, and days where I felt sore and tired, but this was a whole new feeling.  I had no desire, no drive, and was not enjoying ANY part of that workout.
Looking back now, I think I was just "Burned Out" from running, especially after spending 3 months training for my half marathon.  My run Saturday was just a week after my half marathon, and maybe I should have taken the week off to recuperate and redefine my relationship with running. Having the longest legs in the Ragnar has unnerved me into thinking RUN RUN RUN, no time off, keep going, you have to run back to back 9 mile legs.....
I decided to do some research to see if anyone else felt as BLAH as I did, and I was happily surprised to find out it was a common phenomena, especially after a half marathon or marathon.  

This quote did it for me:
"The butterflies and romance weren't going to last forever.  They never do.  There comes this time in every relationship when you have to just decide to do it.  Love is a verb, and it should be done unconditionally.  You just have to get up everyday and honor your commitment, not because of what you get but because of what you give,  and you have to trust that your run is going to do the same".

If that wasn't motivating enough, here are some tips from Live Laugh Run Today, to put that spark back in your run and get you through the last month of Ragnar training:

1) Set a smaller goal.

                2) Pick a place you KNOW you ENJOY running.

    3) Make a new playlist. 
                                 4) Find a buddy. 


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