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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Any one who doesn’t have a great time in San Francisco is pretty much dead to me. --Anthony Bourdain

There is so much to do and see in San Francisco.  I have some great posts on the bridge, the beaches, and tomorrow, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, and the Greenwich Steps.

But before we have some fun, I wanted to cover some important topics.:
How to pay the toll (its confusing!)
Best spots to photograph the bridge (swoon!), and 
Dog friendly beaches along the SF area. 

Lets start with the tolling. 

How to pay the GG Bridge Toll!

Maybe I am getting old, or maybe I am getting stubborn.  I don't own an EZ Pass- you don't need one in Old Lyme, Connecticut! I always have extreme anxiety about having cash on hand for the tolls.  I find an ATM, get over the Golden Gate Bridge to see signs saying "DON'T STOP-AUTOMATIC TOLLING".


I don't stop and give you a few dollars?

 When I got home I did some research and it turns out, you get a EZ style pass, or you pay for your toll BEFORE crossing, or within 48 hours of crossing (or um.... 4 days later if you are me and confused).  You can even set it up over a range of time if you are crossing the bridge more than once.  Wish I knew this before I hit the bridge!

Click Here  to find out more,
or to set up a payment or pay for a ticket.  You are welcome for the lesson!

Now you figured out HOW to pay the toll, you want to take a picture of the gorgeous bridge.
I did some research and found some of the best viewing spots.  

Best viewing spots to see and photograph the GG Bridge!

Here is an article on the best viewing spots, 
but I will give you the quick and dirty version. 

5 Best Viewing Spots 

5. Battery Spencer, Marin County- "postcard view"

4. Hawk Hill, Marin County- panoramic view

3. Fort Point, San Francisco- from below

2. Baker Beach/ The Presidio, San Francisco 
(where these photos were taken! One on the beach and one on a viewing point along the Presidio)

1. Fort Baker, Marin County- "hidden cove"

Taken from a viewing area along the Presido 

Baker Beach, San Francisco

Here is a detailed list of dog friendly beaches in the SF area.  We stopped at Baker Beach and it was basically human and dog heaven.  Wide empty beaches, dog friendly, short walk from the parking lot, protected away from high traffic regions and a sort of protected area if you are worried about your dog taking off.

Here is a summary of dog friendly beaches in the SF area!

1.  Baker Beach Located approximately 1 mile south of the Golden Gate Bridge, this beach is a great spot to take your dog for a view of the famous landmark. Dogs are permitted off-leash on Baker Beach north of Lobos Creek, but they must be on a leash south of Lobos Creek.

2.  Lands End Beach Off Leash Dog Area is un-fenced. Watch for signs designating certain areas that require leash use.

3.  Fort Funston Doggie BeachAn off leash doggie beach with a huge area of tons of trails. There are typically hundreds of well socialized and well behaved dogs for your dog to play with.

4.  Ocean BeachPets are welcome to join you on-leash at this San Francisco beach.

Baker Beach, San Francisco

Baker Beach, San Francisco

Baker Beach, San Francisco

Baker Beach, San Francisco

If you are interested in biking over the GG bridge, check out my Sausalito post 

Check back in tomorrow as we highlight some of SF's best attractions.
I checked out the Greenwich Steps to Coit's Tower, and famous Fisherman's pier/Pier 39!

For a more comprehensive guide, check out Well Traveled Wife's San Francisco city guide!  This girl has traveled the world and lived in San Francisco and knows her stuff!

I went to a few spots off her great list! 


  1. I am positively digging all of your California posts. Luckily, I only biked across the Golden Gate bridge so I didn't have to deal with tolls. But that definitely sounds confusing. Also, I love how you pointed out dog friendly beaches. My boyfriend and I would just sit and watch the dogs play for hours at a time. So great. :)

    1. Ah you biked it! SO fun! what company did you use to bike and would you recommend them?

      That is adorable that you guys watch the dogs play- dogs playing on the beach is about the happiest sight ever!

  2. Gorgeous photos and such an informative post! I wish I had more time when I was in San Francisco because it's definitely something I feel like I HAVE to do again in order to understand it's true beauty.

    x- Naomi in Wonderland

    1. I know exactly what you mean! we were only there for a day and everyone raves about SF! I didn't do it justice-- I really loved that Anthony Bourdain quote about it- I absolutely need to go back as well!

  3. aww LOVE seeing you in SF!! thanks for the shout out! :)
    this post is SO helpful - impressed with your research!


    1. I know bad timing wish we could have met up and seen SF from a pro! Thanks :)


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