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Monday, July 6, 2015

Campfire Muffins

I have a bunch of fun posts coming your way after spending a weekend in the High Uintas. 
 But it's Monday after a long weekend so lets start slow and with something super fun.  

I think the best part about camping is the food (because it's not the dirt and bugs, let be real).  Food taste way better when enjoyed around a campfire with a cold beer and good friends.   It is always fun to find creative ways to cook your dinner.  Some go the traditional easier route, with hot dogs and hamburgers, while other get really fancy with pie irons and fancy tools.

  I like to think I am somewhere in the middle.

I had a bunch of food packed and was really confident in my fun and creative ways to cook dinner.  But a hot breakfast is always a little more challenging.   I was looking for a fun way to cook up breakfast at the campsite and ran across this idea. 

Cooking muffins in an orange over a campfire.  
How fun is that?

Cooked yet still a little gooey muffin, with the citrus flavor from the orange.  The orange peel acts as an insulator and you can throw the whole thing right in the fire.  The thick muffin batter doesn't seem out and its a perfect breakfast treat.  A hot breakfast when you wake up to a cold morning camping.  Yep, it's worth the effort. 

It is pretty simple yet a little time consuming.  

  • First I made muffin mix (from scratch) and stored it in a big zip lock baggie over ice.  This way, the mix was ready to go and I could just pipette it into the oranges.  If you don't want to make your own batter, a box variety will do just fine.  
  • Buy your favorite oranges, cut them in half and remove all the innards (save that for juice!). 
  •  Fill one half with batter, place the  orange top back on and wrap in foil.  
  • Throw those sucker right in the base of the fire (the peel will burn but the muffins will not.)  
  • The recipe I read said 10 minutes but mine were more like 20 minutes.  Rotate and check on your muffins often.  Also make sure you seal the orange together as best as you can tightly with the aluminum foil. 

Be very careful pulling these oranges in and out of the fire.  The foil and the orange will be very hot.  Enjoy your muffins with a spoon and throw the orange core back in the fire.



  1. That looks great! It's making me hungry as I read. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are very welcome :) They were super delicious although they were kind of a pain in the butt!

  2. Replies
    1. So fun! Super challenging when you have limited supplies around a fire (like no way to get them out!) ha

  3. What a unique & fun idea. Thanks for sharing Katie

    Naomi in Wonderland

  4. My jaw just dropped. These must taste so spectacular after a day of hiking/night of camping. Yum! I definitely go the easy route with hot dogs. But I want to expand my campfire repertoire...and these look amazing.

    1. Amanda- nothing wrong with hot dogs on the grill! Now I am craving hot dogs (did I just type that?)

      This is really fun and a good way to have a hot breakfast while camping! It takes a little bit of prep, but it is really worth it! Let me know if you make them and how they turn out! Cooking times will vary based on your fire, and I highly recommend long tongs to get them in and out!

  5. WOW! Now that is one original idea! :) Thanks for the inspiration, a recipe like this would never come to my mind :) Now only thing that is missing for a great, hot, camping meal, is a camping cooking equipment, and to help you out with making the best choice, I found a great article on that topic. You can check it out here:


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