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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Oh Phew... you are still here!  
Sorry about my absence.  
July has been crazy!  
What have I been up to?

Still running! 
I have been running my three miles twice a week.  (pending the weather). 
Not as much as I would like but the heat has been unbearable.    
I will step it up a bit when the weather cools down and the humidity goes away.  I am so active in the summer with hiking, walks, diving and riding that I am not too beat up about low mileage. 

Yes ... I saw 110 on the car temperature gauge while working outside.  
We had a killer heat wave here in New England. 

Olive is still cute as a button and staying cool :) 

I have been riding and showing Bradley 
and we have been successful in the Adult Equitation. 
 I really think he likes his new job...

I always find some time to relax with the furr kids.  
Sun bathing on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The furr babies got new matching collars, leashes, toys, and snacks.  
Spoiled much?

I went from stuffing my face with pasta and bread to a low carb diet.  And it is paying off!  I am down 15 lbs from the winter.  I know a lot of that is loss of muscle after I stopped training for my marathon.  But I feel and look great so thats all that matters!  I really want to incorporate more of a weight, ab, toning program into my cardio. 

I get a little misguided for dinners but I have been sticking to healthy clean lunches and breakfasts.  I have been experimenting with fun and different salads and found my new favorite dressing.  Newmans Lite Honey Mustard- I can't find enough things to dip in it and considered drinking it one day... TRUTH. 

Oh and my sister's bridal shower was a HUGE success!  
But you will hear about that tomorrow.

Time to wrap up this work day and meet my friends for our Wednesday night Scuba
Diving (and dinner... and drinks... )


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