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Friday, July 26, 2013

Mirror mirror on the wall

Happy Friday !

This week surprisingly went by really quick.  
Maybe that's because I was busy with work and had two days out in the field.  
Maybe because the rain and cold weather rained me of work at the bar and resulted in two surprise days off.   Surprise day offs are the BEST because they allow you to do what ever you want in that moment, instead of what you were planning and scheduling to do on your day off Monday when you were feeling ambitious. 

 It is amazing how the doom and gloom of rainy weather sucks all of the life out of me.   I originally wanted to go riding, maybe even go to a class at the gym- boot camp to be specific.  take that extra chunk of time in my day and make it count.  Instead of doing anything productive, I filled up the bath tub, poured a glass of wine, lit a few candles, and opened up a book.  I do this so rarely that even the cat was confused. 

It felt really nice to unwind on a Thursday afternoon instead of going to the gym, behind the bar or to the barn.  After some soaking, I met up with my landlord/neighbor/horse-show-buddy/runner/friend Stacie over at Amateur At Large for some more girlie festivities.  We went for some (long overdue) pedicures, girl talk, and relaxing.  

Fuschia for me, mint for stacie, and 30 minutes in that massage chair made for a wonderful continuation of my faux-spa day.  We decided to keep the good times coming and headed next door to Sweet Lunas, a frozen yogurt bar next door.  
How could we resist? 

A little bit of cheesecake fro-yo with an unhealthy amount of toppings made for a delicious treat.  All of that getting -your-feet -rubbed and massaging can be exhausting, we had to refuel ;) 

 I dropped Stacie off back at home and decided to hit the outlets.  I have been working hard lately so I decided to continue the splurging and head over to J Crew.  Over at J Crew I found these beautiful blue suede high heels on sale for $80.  With the 40% off promotion as well as an extra %10 off with my Quinnipiac Student card circa 2008, these lovely heels were finally in my budget and came home to live a happy life with me. 

I felt about 3 seconds of remorse for not going to the gym class, or riding the horses, or taking the dog for a run, but I reminded myself mental health is just as important as physical health.  An afternoon dedicated to me, and taking care of myself was far more beneficial than a 3 mile run or a boot camp class.  How quickly we lose sight of the important things. 

Before I sign off, I wanted to leave you with a wonderful comment I read today off of one of my favorite foodie blogs, Can You Stay For Dinner, by Andy.  Her recent blog posts have been about a new meal plan and the diet she has put her mom on to help her live a healthier life style.  After weeks of dieting, Andy's mom (Maryellen) was feeling better but still experienced the "Dressing room dread" us ladies can feel after staring at our reflection from a poorly lit over sized 360 degree mirror in the midst of a weight loss journey. 
 In the comment section I read this:

"Maryellen, congratulations to you for all your hard work so far! I was particularly taken by your “dressing room mirror” comments since I’ve been there myself a gazillion times. Here’s my coping mechanism – always, always remember that that mirror has one purpose, and one purpose only: to allow you to check to make sure that the hem of your skirt isn’t accidentally tucked up into your tights! It doesn’t reflect your spirit, your strength of purpose, your health, your friendships, your joys. None of it. It’s a wall that just happens to have a reflective covering. I know that it’s much easier said than done (boy, do I know), but try not to be disappointed by what you think you might see in a mirror – your family and friends truly see a beautiful woman on a mission to become healthier, and that’s all that matters! You’re doing GREAT!!!! :^)"

What a beautiful and true statement... and Oh did that make me smile :)  
Happy Friday everyone 
and take some time to pamper yourselves this weekend- inside and out! 

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