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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday, Walking, and Comfort Food

It has been a few weeks and the swelling has finally gone down.  It is still slightly swollen but it no longer hurts, aches, or swells up after activity. 

I have been doing a lot of walking/ short hikes to test out the ankle.  So far it seems happy.  I am enjoying the great outdoors and really enjoying walking, slowing down and enjoying the beauty of a New England Spring.

There is so much more to notice when just leisurely walking with the pup.  When did the trees bloom?!?

After a nice hike at Chatfield Hollow State Park, I was in the mood for some comfort food.... in the form of carbs.  I decided on chicken parm.  What is more comforting than saucy chicken parm on a week night?
Mac and cheese maybe...

I used about 6 tomatoes, 4 gloves of garlic, and half an onion as the base for my sauce.  I scrapped the mushrooms, going to make a cold mushroom salad with those beauts. 

For the chicken I ussed a chicken breast with whole wheat bread crumbs, baked in the oven at 400 degrees.  A slice of melty gooey  provolone cheese on top of course!

 Toasted "crack bread" from Simons with olive oil and more garlic..... and the meal was complete! 

Warm, filling, and delicious, just what I needed.  I love to cook and it was really nice to enjoy some quality "me" time, cooking up a delicious meal and relaxing after a long day of work and a hike. After being alone in the apartment it was nice to feel full, in every way possible.

 I devoured this on the couch with a glass of wine and popped in a movie.  I am a sucker for romantic comedies... or any romantic movie, so I decided to pop in an old classic I had never seen but was hidden in my DVD collection with the plastic still on.
Love Story.  

An adorable classic, with lovely quotes, and a not so happy ending.  Anyone else appreciate a little bit of drama and not so happy ending? Or am I just twisted....

I am happy... an active day and a relaxing night.   Taking some time off from running has been a nice treat.   I feel SUPER guilty when I see a runner passing by... a little envious even  but I will get there. For now I will enjoy the change of pace... literally.


  1. glad to see you're doing well! :) I loveee romance movies. i'm always a fan of the happy ending though!

    1. thanks- doing much better! I guess I like a happy ending- but it is nice to see another view of a love story :)

  2. I love 'Love Story'! Great movie.


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