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Saturday, February 2, 2013

You are what you eat

It is .f i n a l l y. the weekend!

  I feel like this week dragged on forever.  Maybe because of the changes in my diet?  I decided to try to reduce some of the carbs I over indulge in (bread rice pasta potatoes) and try to incorporate more fruits vegetables and proteins.  

Dinner one night was some baked wheat bread-crumbed swai (cat fish family) with some egg plant and zucchini that was topped with some homemade tomato sauce.  

Breakfast and lunch was mostly vegetables.  Breakfast was a coffee and light vanilla yogurt with granola.  I have completely under estimated the awesomeness of granola. Crunchy, sweet, and this one had dried apples YUM!  I need to find a recipe to make my own granola and stock up at the whole foods granola bar (can I even afford that?) 

  Anyone know any good granola recipes?

Snack 1 was a banana and strawberries- good for the sweet tooth.  Snack two was raw carrots green beans and broccoli with low fat ranch- it gives me that satisfying crunch that I always crave in the form of potato chips around lunch time.  Lunch was a salad with sliced ham broccoli and other assorted vegetables (and I really wasn't even that hungry for lunch!).  Afternoon snack was a few crunchy pickles- at 5 calories each they can't be beat.

  I have found that snacking all day on good food fuels my hunger and keeps me full until I get home.  

All of this healthy eating was paired with some quality time on the dreadmill  treadmill.  Monday was a 3 miles speed workout at the gym paired with an ab and upper body workout.

Wednesday I agreed to meet my friend Eric after work.  1 Mystic Long Bridge IPA and two glasses of water and I was ready for my run.  My post booze workout was a five mile run on the treadmill while watching two episodes of How I Met Your Mother.  Distraction is key when it comes to the dreadmill!  I will never be a "treadmill slut" but I can probably get through a few seasons of How I Met Your Mother while shedding a few pounds.  I started with season 1 episodes 1 and two.. and I was not disappointed.

Except for the insane amount of sweat I was sporting on my t shirt (I was too embarrassed to stick around and use the other machines), my run was relatively painless.  
Maybe it was the beer?  
Maybe it was netflix? 
The world will never know.  
Two days of rest and then my long run (10 miles) Saturday!  Back in the double digit club babbbyyyy.

What treadmill distraction and healthy eating routines work for you?

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  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. I really liked your post and I will definitely share this with my friends.


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