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Friday, February 22, 2013

Roasted Root Vegetable Flat Bread

Happy Friday !

I am really excited to share this delicious recipe
 that I "reinvented" Wednesday night.

Whenever I send Thatcher to the co-op to buy vegetables .. he gets a little carried away.  The co-op we shop at is called Fiddleheads and is located in New London, Connecticut.  They specialize in regional, natural and organic foods and products and everything is absolutely amazing.  After finding places like Fiddleheads, farm stands, and local farmers markets, I avoid the tasteless grocery store produce like the plague. 

All of this is after one shopping trip.... 
and most of the veggies aren't even in this picture.

Food co op trips provide us with organic ingredients- some of our favorites  are quinoa, lentils, peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, rutabega, beets, carrots, parsnips, bok choy, tomatoes, avocados, bananas, apples, oranges, fresh bread, granola, and chocolate.  We have been experimenting with some new root vegetables and I will admit I was kind of intimidated by them.  

What does one do with a Rutabaga?

The root vegetables Thatcher bought were on their last leg because I wasn't sure what to do with most of them.  I googled recipes with Beets (who cooks beets?) and came across Eating Well's Galette Recipe that I altered to make my flat bread.  I was really turned off by the idea of making my own dough so I just grabbed a bag of pre made garlic pizza dough at the grocery store.  I also altered some of the ingredients to use up some veggies I had laying around.   If you are good at baking- unlike me- make your own dough and then show me how!

Root Veggie Round Up: 
**  you could half this recipe and make enough for the flat bread. 
 I wanted left over roasted vegges for homemade Raviolis next week :)

Beets are so ugly on the outside but once they were peeled and sliced, they had this amazing deep red/purple color and a really cool swirl pattern.  Oh and they also stained my hands and everything around me including my butcher block counter tops. I peeled and diced three beets and threw them in a mixing bowl. 

Next was the scary Rutabaga.  I only had one... and it was strange... so I just peeled and diced it, threw it in the bowl, and hoped for the best.

Next I took three parsnips, peeled and diced those and threw them in the bowl.  Parsnips are delicious and strange...
 are you a dis formed carrot? 

What are you?

Speaking of dis formed carrots.....
  I guess this is what real carrots look like.  
I peeled and diced 3 of these and threw them in the mixing bowl.  

Next I peeled and diced some butternut squash 
that I had left over from earlier in the week 
and added them to the veggie bowl.  
Its a pain in the butt to peel but worth the effort. 

Once I had everyone in the mixing bowl,
 I added a little bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary,
gave them a good mix, 
and threw the veggies on two foil lined baking sheets.  

I also took a head of garlic, cut off the bottom, wrapped it in foil, and threw it on the baking sheet to roast.  Cook your veggie trays for 30-35 minutes at 400 degrees, or until the veggies are starting to brown.  They will bake for another 10 minutes on the flat bread so don't leave them in the oven for too long. 

While the Veggies were roasting, I rolled out my pizza dough
 onto my silpat non stick baking sheet, nice and thin. 

I decided to use the silpat after

Once the veggies were done, I let them cool for a few minutes while I put my dough in the oven at 400 degrees for about 5-7 minutes. 

 Once the flat bread had started to rise a bit, I  pulled it out of the oven and spread a little bit of browned butter, carmelized onions I had made earlier in the week, and low fat shredded motz on the dough. 

 Next, I threw on my Veggie mixture with some extra salt and pepper and scattered my roasted garlic all over the flat bread.

I added a few chunks of local Mystic Melville cheese I had kicking around as well as another handful of shredded motzarella, and tossed it back in the oven, on the bottom rack, for about 10 more minutes at 400 degrees. 

 Pull it out of the oven when your dough looks golden brown and crispy.  
I even took it off the silpat and threw it right on the rack for a few minutes to make sure mine was extra crispy on the bottom.
  No more pizza dough falling through the oven rack for me...  

I cut it up like pizza and served it with a side of bok choy.  
The combination of the roasted veggies was absolutely amazing. 
 Sweet, savory, rich, and satisfying.  
Not to mention the beautiful colors from the beets and squash.
we saved half of it for lunch the next day and it was even better.

This flat bread requires a good amount of prep for the root veggies, but worth all of the effort.  This is high on my list of one of my favorite recipes. 

I am running the Hilly Colchester Half Marathon tomorrow. 
 Wish me luck and let me know how your flat bread turns out!

Enjoy and Happy Running Eating!

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