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Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Storms and Scrambled Eggs

I spent my entire weekend envying  anyone who did not live in New England.  While I love Connecticut, its four seasons  (Why can't summer be the longest?), and life as a New Englander... I am entirely over the cold and the snow.

Thursday night, we were introduced to Blizzard Nemo, just in time to wreck havoc on our weekend and entirely throw off our running and eating schedules.  Luckily, Essex only received about 2 feet of snow where some parts of Connecticut recorded over 3 feet of snow.  

While the snow was gorgeous, it trapped us all in our houses for a few days while we attempted to shovel our way out.  Unfortunately, my long driveway  connects to an even longer right of way... both of which are uphill, and both remained un-plowed.  

Pretty yet awful white stuff everywhere.   Took 2 full days of shoveling to shovel out my driveway and out right of way... my back and shoulders are paying for it dearly.

Felt amazing to shovel out all the way to my car... but we still had to finish the rest of the driveway AND the right of way. 

(we even had to shovel off the flat roof in fear it would cave in with all the weight from the snow.  I don't do heights so we sent Christine up there) 


Neighbors came out to help us with the right of way.. team work makes the dream work... or atleast the snow go away

I shoveled by day and cooked by night, all while trying not to kill the four other people snowed in the house with me.  Running on the road were not an option... and I could not get to my car to get to the gym.. so instead of my 11 mile run I opted for a shovel.  

I am very fortunate we did not lose power, and we had a wonderful woodstove to keep us nice and warm.  We were smart enough to stock up a huge pile of wood in the mud room to keep this sucker going for three days straight.  Our house is usually a balmy 54 but with this stove running for a few days... we got the thermostat up to 68!  What a treat for us!

I also took some shoveling breaks for some Hemmingway and Chardonnay :)

We were also very lucky to have  tv, lights, hot shower, and a working oven and stove to cook up lots of treats.  

First up on the stove....

Friday Breakfast:  little bit of everything eggs.  I make these eggs with what ever I have left over (half cut vegetables and what ever deli meat is left over from the weeks packed lunches( 
Chopped up some red pepper, green pepper, onion, 

                                                   and pastrami (left over deli meat!)

 First I saute the onion and peppers for a little bit in a little bit of EVOO, to soften them up before I throw in the pastrami and eggs.   Lots of salt and pepper!

Mixed it up with some farm fresh eggs from the co op

and you get this masterpiece-  I dont scramble the eggs until they are in the pan.  Then I mix it all up into a yummy little scramble

It looks something like this!

Served it up with some crisp apples and a handful of tater tots.  Not the healthiest choice but I was surprised to find 9 tots under 200 calories.  

I spent the day watching the snow fall and attempting to get some work done from home.  The majority of the storm was going to hit in the middle of the night.  I took a hot shower, charged everything up, filled up the bath tub, and called it an early night.  
Saturday morning brought lots of snow, power, and pancakes!  A hearty breakfast of funfetti chocolate chip pancakes and we headed out to shovel!  

yes they make funfetti pancakes! Can you believe it!! Its like having funfetti cake for breakfast
After hours of shoveling (with very little progress), we took a break for lunch.  We all agreed that nachos sounded d e l i c i o u s and set up two trays of chips and cheese.  

To the chips we added lettuce, tomato, onions, and chili. YUM!

We added the lettuce as the end so it didnt get too wilty in the oven.  With some sourcream and salsa, these nachos made a perfect snowy day snack/lunch for all of the shovelers in our house.  

Oh and couldn't forget the grapefruit martinis!   A little bit of Ketel was just what our sore backs needed :)

After all the unhealthy eating over the weekend.. I am really looking forward to getting back on my healthy schedule of  a better diet and running.  I am down a week for my long distance but my legs enjoyed the break while my upper body got a workout.  
If I am not to sore later I am going to try to put a few miles on the treadmilll! The roads are still a mess from Nemo 

Anyone else get to meet Nemo this weekend?  
How much snow did you get?  
What kind of feast did you make?

( Saturday night we even accepted defeat and cabin fever  and decided to walk a mile to the bar for beer and burgers )

Does it count as cardio if your final destination is a bar stool?

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