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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lulu Review

Thank you mother nature. 

 Enough of the snow has melted to leave a safe enough space on the side of the road for runners walkers dogs and bicyclist alike.  It is torture to have all of this amazing new cold weather running gear, and leave it at home while you throw on a scrappy t shirt and head to the gym. 

This morning I decided to try some of my new gear and attempt a morning run.  My body does not function well at 6am (does anyone's?) but with a long day of work followed by horse back riding and making dinner, it can be nearly impossible to squeeze in a run sometimes.  My alarm clock went off at 6am and I jumped out of bed before my brain could register what I was about to do.  I fed the dog so she could eat while I got dressed.   

My Outfit

 Bold In The Cold Lululemon running pants found here

What I love about these pants:  
*They are not running tights- they are a looser fit with an extremely warm lining.  
*They also have elastics around the ankles and waist that makes them really adjustable.  
*Another great feature is the abundance of pockets all over these pants. 
*Lastly, I love the high waist- I know this sounds really attractive but I like to tuck my shirts into my pants so my shirt does not ride up the entire run... this high waist makes the tuckage easier.  

What I don't love:
* I wish there were more color options... These pants came in all black or black with blue (above).  I love neon and I love to be seen on the road and avoid looking like a ninja. 
* I almost wish they had some kind of built in underwear or short-  they are a little baggy in the crotch region and it gets a little awkward running commando in these pants ( we all do that right? )  I need to wear some shorts or running undies under these.
* they are so long!  I got size 8 and I am 5'6 and I have to fold up the bottoms a lot-  thankfully they have elastic so they stay up 


Lululemon reflective running coat
(they don't have the striped one up anymore which was cheaper but here is one similar
 My dog thinks I am crazy.. and why do girls feel the need to throw the hand on the hip in pictures...  Guilty...

What I love about this jacket:
*  I love the pattern - the stripes are reflective for my early and late runs.  
*There are so many vents all over the coat so I stay nice and cool the entire run.  
*It is so light weight and thin yet I stayed toasty warm during todays 20 degree windy run. 
* It is water and wind resistant- perfect for New England running. 
* It has the zipper offset so it isn't rubbing on your face when you zip it up.  
*The hood has a pony tail hole so you can wear the hood and a pony tail comfortably.

What I don't love:
That I only have one and in one color.   


Matching headband/ear warmer
(also no longer on the site- I must have wiped lulu clean....)

What I love about this headband:
It is super light weight, breathable, keeps my ear buds in, reversible, and in an awesome pattern that matches my jacket.

What I don't love:
It slips a little but bobby pins should fix that.  And it was on sale or $25... seems a little steep for a piece of cloth. 


I threw one of my long sleeve running shirts (neon of course) under my new coat, threw on my newtons, got my running belt on, Olives harness on, ate a banana, Garmin started, and headed out the door!

We set out for a nice and slow 3 mile at a 9:30 pace with a few hills, taking it easy to prep for Saturday's hilly half marathon.  My legs weren't fully awake but the gorgeous sunrise was very distracting.  

It felt amazing to be running in the cool crisp air, distracted by the scenery and my silly dog.  I ran down to the end of Main Street in Essex and had to stop and take a picture of one of the prettiest sunrises I have ever seen.  

This is what I am going to miss the most about Essex when I leave. 

Getting up at 6am was the pits, but a view like this makes up for it and reminds me I am lucky to live in such a beautiful little town right on the water.  It was a nice and easy run, with very little traffic, and I made it back home just after 7am. I had plenty of time for a quick shower, to prep lunch, and eat a yummy breakfast (coffee, ham 1egg and provolone on an english muffin) with Thatcher before I had to head into work with my tired puppy.  

Feels great to start the day off on a good note.... but now its a long day of work and waiting for even more new running gear to come in the mail.  I know, I have a problem, but new gear keeps me comfortable, motivated, and I can't say no to a good sale!

Sneak Peak at the fun stuff on its way to Essex!

Happy Running, 

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  1. You can bring Olive to work? That's awesome! That's basically my favorite part about working from home. I get to hang out with Bungee all day.

    Your views on your runs are way better than mine! I wish I lived closer to the water.


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