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Monday, January 21, 2013


          My body has decided that the key to a successful  less painful Saturday morning run is a low key Friday night.  After a few too many drinks with friends on Thursday, I needed a relaxing Friday night to re hydrate and catch up on some quality sleep.  I snuggled up next to Olive, grabbed a blanket, and opened up a good book.  At about 8:30, Olive and I were tucked into bed and we were o u t .  

If this is what getting older feels like.... I don't hate it.....

Waking up Saturday morning after about 12 hours of sleep, I felt great

 I got the coffee maker going and started on breakfast.  Two eggs, scrambled with mushroom, onions, peppers over half of an egg bagel, and half of a banana.  Paired with a cup of fresh coffee and a glass of water, I was as ready to hit the road as ever. 

It was a sunny Saturday here in New England, 45 degrees and windy.  I decided to head out the driveway and run along River Road.... aptly name for its scenic placement bordering the Connecticut River.  I haven't run 8 miles in a very long time so I thought that the scenery might help pass the time.

I am learning that running is about 80% mental and 20% physical.  Every time I hit another mile I tell myself "Okay... this is just a 7 mile run!"  At mile five I told myself "hey! this is just a silly 5k!"  It sounds odd, or I sound crazy, or both, but it seems to work for me.  

The run was gorgeous, the weather was beautiful, I ran it at about 10 minute miles (my goal for my long distance runs) and I stopped at my favorite coffee shop for a post-run treat.  Geneva Chocolate flavored coffee with some "mini-roons"

 Y  u  m  .  

After my run I continued on to the rest of my Saturday tasks.  I changed into my riding clothes and headed to the barn.  After a few hours, a few horses, and some sore legs, I went home to refuel.  I decided to make a ham "melt" with butcher smoked pork butt and a few slivers of cheese, and gave it a snug hug in my panini press.  I threw that with some carrots and some of my home made roasted garlic humus and voila- LUNCH

After seeing how easy (and cheap) it is to make hummus, I will never buy it again.  I used Martha's recipe because that jail bird knows best.  My advice? less tahini and more garlic.  

I ended the day with an attempt at baking and a visit to Colchester to see new born baby Oliver.  I am a good cook, I can cook a mean meal, make home made pasta from scratch, you name it......... but I cannot bake if my life depended on it. 

 I tried to make some brownie bites from scratch.  After some serious concentration and accurate mixing, the batter was delicious so I poured it into lined muffin tins.  After 12 minutes they were just a little too raw.  After 5 more minutes they were burnt to a crisp. 

 I guess it is time to accept that fact that I will never be Martha's protege.  The girl with the pie cooling on the window sill?  That will never be me and I think I am finally okay with that. 

I guess I didn't need those brownies any way.

Happy Running!
<3  Katie 


  1. You're cute, I miss you. Can we hang soon!?

  2. YES! I will have to come to Boston for a play date- lets plan a weekend


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