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Sunday, January 20, 2013

13.1 maybe 26.2

There aren't many things I can say with absolutely certainty.... 
except for this.................

 I WILL not run unless I have a race planned that I am training for: FACT 

There is only one way I will get my feet into some sneakers and onto some pavement and that is by training for a race.  If I dont have a race paid for and on the books, I really feel that I have NO need to run.    Now that it is 2013 and I am feeling all ambitious for a week or so, I decided to fill up the planner with some ambitious  races and a training schedule.  

Goal/Race 1:  My third half marathon Saturday March 23rd The Savin Rock Half Marathon in West Haven, CT.  This is the first half I ever ran and I ran it in about 2:06.  I ran my second half in 2:00:46 (much flatter- barely trained).  My goal is to run this half in less than 2 hours -without feeling like I am going to hurl up the hills.  

Big Goal/Race 2:  Run my first marathon Sunday May 26th.....The Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, Vermont.  This is a huge goal as I have never run more than 13.1  BUT I used to run this race in the relay form.  It is in beautiful Burlington, right along Lake Champlain, and absolutely wonderful.  I am only getting older... when is a better time to train for a marathon than now?

SO its January 14th how am I doing?   PRETTY DARN GOOD I would say... I have been building up 1-2 miles a week- completing a "long run" every Saturday or Sunday and completing 2-3 "maintenance runs" of 3 miles.  I also throw in a rest day or two and a few cross training days which are usually walking or horseback riding.  
I am up to 7 miles relatively pain free.  I have been doing my longer runs very slowly, and I am tempted to try out the Jeff Galloway training program.. anyone ever try it?

What is my secret?  Put it on the calendar, on the week days run at night right when I get home- reflective gear head lights tail lights- all a must 

and on the weekends, run in the morning right when I get up, before I am tempted to sit on the couch, clean, or do anything else.  

My last secret? Securing some a supportive fan base :) and a few running partners

Happy Running! 

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