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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gym, You Win

Happy Hump Day!  

I have been fighting signing up for the gym.. like a champ.  Why pay 40 bucks a month PLUS an enrollment fee to run staring at the wall, sweating my butt off, while my dog is at home destroying something.

Well this is why

Don't get me wrong, I love cold weather running.  I will take 40 degrees over 80 any day.  I went on a three mile trail run with Olive Monday at 30 degrees- that was bearable....

 But 21 degrees plus the wind chill?  And then mix in the snow/ice on the ground and un-shoveled sidewalks?  Too much for this chicky.  My goal is to train for a marathon, keep in shape and lose weight without getting hit by a car and cracking my head open on the ice. 

So I caved, opened up my wallet, and joined the Snap Fitness half a mile down the road.  The good news? Because its January and everyone's making their resolutions to lose weight, the gym was offering a great special.  $8.95 for the month, no start up/enrollment fees.  Every month after that will be $55 dollars for two people.  With no contract so I can ditch this membership when spring rolls around.  And my good friend Stacie goes there.  

How can I say no to that?

I accepted defeat, and handed over my visa in exchange for a new door key.  I made the mistake of going at 5 o'clock and tried to not look like a complete creeper while waiting for a vacant treadmill or people to remove their shit from it. 

I tried to control my rage and do some stretching and sit ups.  Finally, a treadmill freed up and I ran for it like there was a large order of fries waiting for me.  

Off I went for 50 minutes of torture  running.  I turned on netflix and changed my speed between 6 and 8 to break up the monotony and awfullness of running on a treadmilll.     

After 50 minutes of sweating, I forced a smile and an awesome bathroom picture.  I was trying to illustrate the super sexy sweat line that extended to my bra.  Did not work out so well.... probably for the best.  

Okay enough of the Gym memes.  

All in all, the gym was crowded, 800 degrees, and the treadmill stunk... but the worst part?  I will have to start wearing shorts and shaving my legs regularly again.  no more hiding under running tights and layers.   And while I am not going to the gym to pick up men (or am I?) some cute running clothes might motivate me to get there more often.  

Would love something like this to throw on and get me excited about a work out.  As Diana Vreeland says "You gotta have style.  It helps you get up in the morning".  

Or in my case.... get to the gym. 

Until then, I guess I will stick to some biking shorts and old Ragnar shirts.  

Any one have any great sites/places for cute workout clothes?

Stay warm runners! 

p.s.  This is the second gym I have signed up for that does not have a stair master. 
 Guess I will have to find another way to look ass-tastic.

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