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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunshine and Running Apps

A few days ago it was snowing... today it was 50 degrees and the birds were singing.
Maybe the Mayans were right about 2012.

Now that the warm weather has melted the snow- we can all get back out there and hit the pavement.  If you haven't gotten a run in this week yet, you have no excuses - its going to be a warm week!

I left work early today to ride my horse (cross training!) and then headed home to squeeze in my "long run" before dinner.  Every Monday or Tuesday I run my long distance and spend 2-3 other days running 2-3 miles.  Today I headed out for a 7 mile run, and a new PR for my 10k.
  So far I am loving my new sneakers!

I love the Nike + running app (featured above)  I can play pandora and run this app at the same time which is a big plus for me.  You can also pull up the map while running, and switch songs right on this screen.  You can have a voice read you your pace, time, and distance at what ever set mileage you like - I have the nice lady on my app read me this information every 1/2 mile- the music lowers and the info comes right through your head phones- pretty awesome.  When you are finished with your run, there is a motivational message for you as well as your time, distance, pace, calories burned, a picture of your route, and a diagram of your speed along your route.  My one complaint is that this app does not track your elevation ;(  oh well- no ones perfect!

If you really need your elevation tracker, I suggest using the Map My Run app.

Happy Running,

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