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Monday, January 9, 2012

Running with Dogs

While dogs are not allowed on the Ragnar racecourse, they are a great training buddy.
Meet Olive, my 1 year old(ish) Labrahound (Lab/hound mix)  :) 

Having a 1 year old extremely energetic dog forces me to run/bike/hike/walk every day.  If I ever skip an outdoor activity, I pay for it severely with an overactive, annoying, and destructive dog.  Canine companions are great for keeping us on schedule and motivated. Next time you hit the pavement, be sure to bring Fido along :)  

One of the problems I have while running with Olive is holding  trying to hold the leash while getting my arm yanked out of my socket for every squirrel or dog we meet.  After some research, I found this nifty tool that is now on my shopping list. 

This nifty contraption seems to act as a belt, leaving you hands free.  It even has room for a water bottle plus a little storage compartment-  These are awesome for the Ragnar as well (without the leash attachment).  I like to carry a course map during all of my legs in case I get off route in the middle of the night in some town I have never been in :).

If you want to learn more about running with your dog, check out these great articles and get motivated!


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