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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moonlit Running

The idea of running along foreign roads at 2am in Massachusetts sounds a bit nerve wrecking.. but its kind of awesome! No traffic, minimal noise, cool temperatures, and new terrain.  I recommend keeping your Ipods off, staying alert, and enjoying the run.  During my night run last year.... I tailed behind this guy... never more than a few steps behind him.  He must have been pretty annoyed with me breathing down his neck for 7 miles, but, I was terrified of getting lost.  The good news? The courses are well marked with reflective signs that have flashing lights... so you don't have to stalk strangers in upstate Massachusetts.  Vans are parked along the routes cheering you on, and you are likely to see a runner or two.  

Some of the reflective vests seen at the exchanges 

Here is an example of the signs along the race course... and no I have no idea who this lady is. 
Thanks Google Images

Not to scare anyone but I found this to be a pretty funny story:
During Ragnar New England 2011 I heard details of a runner almost getting mugged on his night run.  Apparently some one tried to jump him during his leg.... but he was extremely unsuccessful.  There are people around, vans around, and why a runner?  Who decides to attack a runner... who can probably outrun you... and has nothing valuable besides a beat up Ipod.....

On that note... I do a lot of running after work, usually around 5 or 6.  Seeing that it gets dark at 4:30, I am thankful to have my Ragnar gear from last year to keep me safe.  If you are training at night (which I recommend) make sure you are staying safe!  It is a good idea to purchase the following (you will need all of these for the Ragnar anyway).   


Clip-on tail light 

Reflective Vest

If you are looking for this gear.... a great place is Soundrunner !

Olive and I gear up for our night runs.  She even has a blinking light for her collar and I am in the process of making her a reflective vest.  Try to find running routes with plenty of sidewalks, street lamps, that is in a safe neighborhood, and let someone know where you are going and when you should be back. 
Happy Running!

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