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Friday, January 20, 2012

Cross Training

Happy Friday Runners!

12:30 I am out of the office, heading to a meeting, and then home for a quick run and to pack for our ski weekend.  Thatcher and I are heading to Stratton for the weekend with a few friends.  Ski weekend like this are the reason I do not plan my long run for the weekends, and instead, I opt for the cold and darkness on Monday Nights.

Anyone who has spent a day skiing knows how it feels to wake up the next morning.  Sore and tired, maybe even with a few new bumps and bruises.  I always wake up (sore) and thinking, if I hurt this much that must have been a good workout - I guess that was a good way to cross train.

Cross training is a great way to engage different muscle groups as well as give a break to your joints.  The number one reason why atheletes cross train is injury prevention.  This boggled my mind.  I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how not to injure myself, icing, stretching, technique the whole nine yards.  Come to find, changing up your workout and cross training may be the best way.

Check out this article from Runners World Eight Benefits of Cross Training and switch up your workout this weekend.

Here is some of the cross training I do year round to supplment my running routine :

Happy Running!

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