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Monday, September 25, 2017

Captain Scotts Lobster Dock

Katie may be wandering in Iceland in all the winter clothing she owns (and wow is it amazing) but it is still summer in Connecticut. Today, to celebrate the 85 degree indian summer in September, we are continuing on the Connecticut Lobster Roll Tour (this one's for you Amanda!). 

If you read my blog last summer, you know that I had just moved back to Connecticut from Utah and one of my first orders of business was to find the best lobster shack on the Connecticut shoreline.  It was a serious business with rules and standards, score cards and commitments.  However, lobster roll consumption can be an expensive hobby so I had to spread it out over the summer(s).  I had been to a few, Abbots, Fords and Lobster Landing had been tried and ranked, and I knew I had a few shacks left to judge.  After a lobster roll tour hiatus and during a beautiful late summer day last weekend, I joined my scuba friends for lunch at the local lobster shack in New London, Captain Scott's.  

We pulled up and on a sunny September, were happy to find parking right in front of the restaurant along the wall.  We must have had the timing right because when we showed up, the line was short and we had our pick of almost any table we wanted.  I tied Olive up to a picnic table, ordered my lobster roll (and fries.... and clam fritters... I was hungry) and waited for my order.  Following the rules of the Katie Wanders Lobster Roll Tour, I ordered the smaller/standard size vs the large size, I think at the price difference of $14 or $18 (lobster roll only, came with a tiny side of cole slaw).  The fries were around $2 and my clam fritters were 3 for $3.  Sides of fried goodness for $5. 

It was about 5 minutes later that my name was called and I was making my way back to the table with a tiny lobster roll and a tray of seafood and french fry heaven.  Oh how I love being a New Englander. Of course, they have other things on the menu, from full lobster dinners to options for the "landlubbers".  this spot is also BYOB and truly has something for everyone. 

The food looked and smelled absolutely delicious.  The clam fritters were golden brown, the fries perfectly fried and the cole slaw, well I mean it was cole slaw #isitevenworthmentioning?

1.  The Shack and Patio:  5 - Adorable, right on the water, great views of the boats in the harbor, and plenty of tables.  Bigger than  "shack" but still had the small quaint feel.  
2.  Ordering system:  5.  So easy, so fast.  Order at the counter, sit down, and five minutes later we had our food.
3.  Booze5.  Yep, Cooler friendly!
4.  Dogs:  5.  Dogs allowed!  Olive hung out in the shade at our table. I brought my own dog bowl.  
5.  Parking:  4.  There is a large parking lot.  It was a little tight and filled up fast after us. I was told parking can be tough in the really busy season so 4 for this.  

6.    Size:  3.  Tiny (TINY) but they did have two options.  
7.    Meat:  5. Good amount of meat and different types. Overall lots of meat, tender, and no sneaky shells. 
8.    Bun:  5.  Perfectly toasted and buttered. 
9.    Butter:  4.  Butter ratio was good! 
10.  Price:   4.  $14 for just the roll (or $18 for the large) is a little high but I guess its normal in the land of Lobster.  

TOTAL:  45/50 

First thing I noticed was just how TINY the lobster roll was.  These had to be specialty made hot dog buns to be that small.  A friend ordered the large roll and hers was more of the normal hot dog roll size (pictured above next to my small).  I appreciated the option but my lobster roll was a 3 delicate biter which at the end of the day, was a little sad.  All in all, the roll was perfectly toasted, the lobster perfectly buttered, and the meat tender and with a few varieties.  Lobster Roll was delicious but the size was so very sad. 

Friends also tried various items on the menu like the fried oysters and the onion rings and everyone had amazing things to say.  As far as our table went, everything off the menu was delicious.  We drank beers from a friends cooler, watched Olive greet strangers, and enjoyed local seafood on the water.  

I would definitely recommend Captain Scotts to any lobster roll lover out there but I will say, you have to order the large.  The prices were great if you ordered something besides lobster.  The lobster was delicious and the bun how a lobster roll should be.  Great setting, dog and BYOB friendly.  Want your lobster on the go? Look for their food truck. 

 Thanks New London for the great lunch and your love of lobster. 


Need to Know
TELEPHONE: 860-439-1741
HOURS:  MONDAY - SUNDAY  11:00AM to 9:00PM
PHONE NUMBER: 860-439-1741


  1. Haha! Thanks for the shoutout - you know I clicked on this as fast as humanly possible when I saw it. Ha! I know that Lobster Rolls are usually pretty small to begin with, but I get so disappointed when they're even smaller than expected. Bummer! At least I know to go for the large. ;)

  2. Bummer it's so tiny! But sure does look delicious! I'm sad lobster shack season is ending.

  3. Great piece of nature shown in this post, images were too realistic. I believe it’d have been quite adventurous and fun. Hiking is really great!


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