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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lobster Landing, Clinton CT

I am back in Utah for Amanda's wedding, but the blog is still in New England.  During my last post, we talked about my background with lobsters, and we went over the "official rules and regulations of the Katie Wanders Lobster Shack Tour".... AKA the quest to find the best lobster roll in the state (any excuse to eat my lobster, am I right?). 

Now that we know how it all works, let's start with our first review ** at Lobster Landing in Clinton Connecticut.

** The reviews will be in no particular order, and will be spread out throughout the summer.  Because lobster rolls are expensive and you can only eat so many in one day. 

Lobster Landing of Clinton, Connecticut
Lobster Landing of Clinton, Connecticut 
First up on the Lobster Shack Tour is Lobster Landing.  Lobster Landing is a fine little lobster shack at the end of Commerce street in Clinton, Connecticut.  The town beach is around the corner and everything about this spot is oh so Coastal Connecticut.  It is on a small point with awesome views of the water and Cedar Island across the way. This little shack with peeling paint and a sign of lopsided letters is just about as charming as it gets.  No frills, no fancy building (heck, there isn't even a website, kinda cute, right?)  A shack, some tables, and lobster served one way and the only way it should be served in my opinion.  Hot and buttered. 

Lobster Landing's Hot Buttered Lobster Roll
Lobster Landing's Hot Buttered Lobster Roll
Everything I read about this spot made me so excited to visit.  Dog friendly, BYOB, and the lobster rolls were huge.  Be still my heart. 

We pulled up to Lobster Landing and found a spot in the parking lot just outside the shack.  First, I did a preliminary lap around the place to see what we had to work with.  Tables in the sun, tables on a dock, tables in the shade, table on sea shells.  It was a small shack on the water, and a fast moving line where you ordered one of three things from the menu:  Hot Lobster Rolls, Hot Dogs, and Sausage and Peppers.  Sorry vegetarians, this aint the spot for you.  I cant see how you can walk up to a lobster shack and order anything but a lobster roll, but not everyone shares my obsession with seafood.  And I am okay with that (more lobster for me).  

Ordering Counter and Seating in the Shade at Lobster Landing of Clinton, Connecticut
Ordering Counter and Seating in the Shade at Lobster Landing of Clinton, Connecticut 
Looking through old posts throughout the years about Lobster Landing, I can see that the price has been steadily creeping upwards.  A 2016 article has the lobster roll at $16.  A 2011 article has the rolls at $15.  As of the publication of this fine article, the lobster rolls were priced at $17.50 which sounds high for a sandwich with no sides, but is pretty standard for the area.

  I really loved the vibe of this spot, from couples with a bottle of wine to large parties with large coolers.  People brought apps and desserts to go with their lobster rolls, or just bought a bag of chips from the counter.  It was a "we supply the lobster the rest is up to you anything goes" kind of spot.  In true New-England-White-Girl fashion, I brought a bottle of cold rose to pair with my crustacean.  

Well, I think we have enough of an intro for the area and its about time to go right into the rankings.   
Lobster Landing - you did good. 

View of the water from the tables 
1.  The Shack and Patio:  4 - Adorable, right on the water, amazing views and oh so charming,  Lost a point for lack of restrooms (port-o-potties only). The patio was nice, on shells under a canopy, or out on the dock in the sun or under an umbrella. 
2.  Ordering system:  5.  So easy, so fast.  Order at the counter, sit down, and they bring your roll to you in about 5 minutes.  Honor System - Pay on your way out.  Only had bottled water for purchase ( no tap ).  
3.  Booze: 5.  Yep, brought a bottle of Rose and enjoyed.  They provided plastic cups.  A lot of people around us had coolers.  They even brought desserts and apps. 
4.  Dogs:  5.  Dogs allowed!  Olive hung out in the shade at our table. I brought my own dog bowl.  Being dog friendly it would have been nice to have a few dog bowls out (be sure to bring your own and water for your dog unless you want to buy bottled water for Fido. 
5.  Parking:  4.  There is a large parking lot and parking on the street.  It was a little chaotic getting in and out of the small lot but we managed to secure parking quickly. 

Lobster Landing's Hot Buttered Lobster Roll
Lobster Landing's Hot Buttered Lobster Roll
6.    Size:  5.  Bigger than I thought and larger than your average lobster roll. 
7.    Meat:  5. Good amount of meat very few (larger) pieces seemed a little tougher than I would have liked. Overall lots of meat, tender, and no sneaky shells. 
8.    Bun:  3.  The rolls came wrapped in foil which kept them warm, but let the buns get a little soggy.  Would have loved it a little more toasted (with butter of course) 
9.    Butter:  4.  Butter ratio was good but could have used a tad more. 
10.  Price:   4.  $18 for just the roll is a little high but I guess its normal.  

TOTAL:  44/50 

Lobster Landing of Clinton, Connecticut 
I was impressed with this little joint and 44/50 aint bad.  As far as size goes, this is it - but the rolls wrapped in foil really took a few points off for the bun getting a little soggy and losing its perfect toastyness.   I loved the atmosphere, and that I could bring my dog and my favorite wine.  The rolls come out fast, and they use the honor system of "Pay On Your Way Out" which just makes it all even more adorable. 

Olive Snoozing at Lobster Landing (Dogs Allowed!)
You are right on the water and you can see them in the hut shelling and picking lobster for the rolls.  It is about as fresh as you can get.  We poked our head in on the way out to see what the price of lobster was going for that day.  New England Charm in a great location on the water in Clinton Connecticut. One lobster shack down and many more lobster rolls left for this New England Lovers consumption. 

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  1. My dad gets our lobsters for lobster fest there. I <3 Lobster Landing!


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