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Monday, September 18, 2017

Newport Vineyard - Rhode Island

Today we are playing catch up on the blog.  I have so many new and exciting things to blog about but first, let's catch up on some wanderings around one of my favorite states in the perfect summer months of July. 

Theres something about a New England vineyard, especially when it's in an amazing New England town like Newport.  Newport is famous for it's many restaurants, shops and bars that line the main streets by the water.  But the Newport area is also home to a few great vineyards and breweries.  

So far, I have had the chance to visit two vineyards in the area.  Greenvale Vineyards in Portsmouth, the last vineyard I visited in Newport, is a small gentleman’s farm turned vineyard.  Nothing fancy, no restaurant.  Bring a picnic to this small vineyard and enjoy some local wine on the lawn.  The grounds scream “quaint” and “small scale” as you walk into the stable-converted-to-tasting room and enjoy the lovely views and delicious wine.  However, if you want a bigger vineyard experience with corn hole, a patio, a gift shop and a full restaurant, Newport Vineyards (less than 2 miles away in Middletown, Rhode Island) is the name of the game.  Both vineyards are fantastic but so very different in their own right.  Let's chat about Newport Vineyard. 

When celebrating a #becherlorette bachelorette weekend for our Bride-to-be, we decided to start Day 2 off with a heavy dose of coffee, gatorade, and crepes before getting ready to head out to our first stop, Newport Vineyards. We had a picnic packed complete with cheese and crackers, veggies and dips, crusty bread and pretzels, accessorized with large picnic blankets and flashy napkins. We did not do our research and when we got to the vineyard, we asked about bringing a picnic. Turns out, the website states that outside food is NOT allowed and you can choose from two of their restaurants. However, staff at the vineyard allowed us to enjoy our picnic as long as we did it on the grassy lawn area by the vines. We grabbed our cooler and spread out our blanket near the vines, and set up our spot while a few of the girls went to grab wine. We had an assortment of glasses from their delicious rose to a few cocktails they made at the bar.

We snacked and passed the early afternoon with walks around the grounds and games of corn hole. The facility was busy but there was plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the day with friends. I couldn't believe the weather we were having. Sunny skies and a warm temperature without being overly hot. It was the perfect day to enjoy some snacks and local wine at the vineyard before going to watch a match of Newport Polo (a post later this week).  

Newport Vineyard is located about 3.5 miles outside the hustle and bustle of Newport.  "Newport Vineyards was originally planted in 1977 on a hill overlooking Rhode Island Sound with the goal of producing fine wines and as a way of preserving beautiful agricultural land from rapid development. Aquidneck Island is blessed with one of the most desirable farming areas in the country, if not the world. This extraordinary micro-climate is created by a combination of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream to the south and the moderating effects of Narragansett Bay. These conditions provide a long, cool growing season ideal for developing complex flavors in wine. Since the original vineyard plantings in the 1970s, Newport Vineyards, under the ownership of John and Paul Nunes, has grown to 60 vineyard acres". More questions - visit the FAQs page.  Curious about food?  The vineyard has two restaurants where you can grab some food (see restaurant section below). 

Kids and dogs:   Yes children are welcome. The dog policy has been updated since COVID and only service dogs are allowed at the property. 

Outside food:  Outside food, alcohol or beverages are not allowed at Newport Vineyards. Newport Vineyards offers a full selection of wine for sale by the glass while visiting.

Tasting Room Hours:  
Monday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Sunday 12:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Tasting Room Prices:  
$15 includes a tasting, souvenir logo glass, and tour | $12 includes a tasting and tour (no logo glass).  
Reservations are required for groups of 6 or more, please visit our Group Tastings page for details and pricing.

Public Winery Tours: 
Daily – 1:00 p.m. & 3:00 p.m.
Saturday – Hourly 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Newport Vineyards has a large range of wines.  There are reds, whites, blushes and reserves, sparkling and specialties. There is even a cider called the Rhody Coyote, made with Rhode Island apples.   I can't speak to all of it as I only had the rose.  Their dry rose was very good, dry as it stated with good flavor.  Some of the other girls had the rose, some of the white wines, and some of the cocktails.  Everyone enjoyed their wine we had a fantastic day sipping wine in the vines. Read all about their wines HERE.

There are a few options with a wide variety of food at the vineyard.  Outside dining, indoor dining, pizza to steak, there is something for everyone at the two on-site restaurants. 

Brix Restaurant - "named for Brix (°Bx) – the scientific measurement of sugar in grapes that determines their ripeness. Cheese plates, pizza, salads, sandwiches and burgers. Larger entrees like steaks, fish, pork, and scallops. The restaurant serves their own wine (of course), guest wines, draft and canned beer (lots of local options), and mixes up some fun cocktails. There is even a dessert menu (complete with dessert drinks). While I haven't had the chance to eat here, everything looked amazing and there is truly something for everyone on the menu". Check out the menu HERE.

Vineyard Cafe: "Locally sourced ingredients + farm-focused menu. Savor artisanal cheese and lunch fare while enjoying a glass of wine or craft beer, or grab and go on your way. Pair with a winery tour and tasting, or savor our Cheese Board at the Cafe bar. Enjoy outdoor dining seasonally and vineyard views year-round". Check out the menu HERE.

Overall, a beautiful vineyard with good wine and a great selection of food.  This spot is large scale and loud, and overall less intimate than the smaller vineyards in the area.  However, this is a great place for a large group or if you want restaurant options.  Play a game of corn hole, walk through the vines, grab dinner or a cheese plate, stop in the gift shop and enjoy live music on the patio.  Thanks, Newport Vineyards for being the perfect backdrop for a girl's bachelorette weekend in Newport.

Address:  909 East Main Rd. (Rte. 138), Middletown, RI 02842.
From Newport: 3.5 miles    From Providence: 35 miles
Phone:  401.848.5161

Also in the area:
Newport Storm Brewery

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  1. what an amazing evening to have spent in such beautiful vinyards. i am definitely putting it on my list because it is too amazing to pass on to. by the way keep us posted with more


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