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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monday's Boot Camp Butt Kicker

I am so sore this morning. 
The good sore that reminds you had got in an awesome workout yesterday.  
It is also the good sore that reminds you that this is what happens when you skip almost a week of classes.  

The holiday weekend got the best of me and I had not been to the Fitness Factory since last Monday's boot camp (I did manage to ride, paddleboard, and run so there is that).  My insanely sore lower body is reminding me to stick with my class schedule and be consistent so I can not be half crippled the next day.

After class, I always like to write down the workout.  It makes me feel AWESOME to look at that days workout and see all that I accomplished.  Looking at a big list like this is really intimidating at first, but the instructor always reminds us to focus on THAT exercise, THAT rep, not the list.

The other benefit of writing down that days workout is i can work on my weak area at home.  My weak areas are definitely Triceps.  I also get burned out during squat jumps realllly quickly.  

I will be working on some of these moves on my own at home today.  Working out at home isnt NEARLY as productive for me, but on days there isn't the class I want, days that classes don't fit in my schedule, or days I just want to focus on my weak spots, it is great to have this workout at hand!  


Warm up- jump rope, mountain climbers, tricep push ups

8 Push Presses
16 Squat Jumps
(run through 3 times)

5 Renegades
10 Weighted Kettle Ball Squat Press  (15 lbs)
15 Kettle Ball Pull Up  (15 lbs)
20 Rows
25 Clean and Press

PLANK (1 minute)

40 Straddle Run or Jump on Bench 
30 Tricep Dips on Bench
40 Squat Jumps
30 Tricep Push Ups

PLANK (1.5 minutes)

50 Kettle Ball Swings (15 lbs)
50 Decline Plank Row
50 Plank Bench "Jump Overs"
50 Weighted Squats
50 Sit ups

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