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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Floats and Hoes - July 2014 Bachelorette Weekend

This summer has been chaotic and wonderful.  The days are all filled up with summer activities and one of my favorite seasons here in New England is just flying by.  I am so thankful for this crazy wonderful life I live, and I am proud to say I have packed sun surf and sand into every free second I have.  

I am also really thankful for this little piece of the internet where I can sit, reflect, and document all of the wonderful things I have been up to.  Sit back and relax while I ditch my "health and fitness" personality for the day and share an amazing weekend. 

Friday night, I packed up my car, met two of the girls, and went to pick up Liz at her house for the start of her bachelorette weekend.  If you remember my Bridal Shower Post, Liz is a classic, simple, beautiful lady who only wanted a weekend away with her favorite girls.  Liz was not a NYC or Casino type of bachelorette, but she was more of a beer Olympics lets play on the water, bachelorette.

Nailed it.

Liz and her 8 bridesmaid (7 of which all grew up in Old Lyme together) spent a fantastic weekend at a lake house on Norwich Lake in Huntington, Massachusetts.  Below are a few pictures of an amazing weekend celebrating this beautiful Bride To Be.  I brought my GOPRO which created some amazing videos which will be put into a fun montage later on.

But now... how we celebrate this Bride.
"Floats and Hoe's" 

Lake house, Rafts, Alcohol, Burgers, Dizzy Bat, Limo, Dinner, Beer Pong, Pineapples, and the adorable Matching Tank Tops. 

Congratulations Liz,
 You were surrounded by so much love that weekend, 
and you picked an amazing group of girls to stand by your side.  

We Love You! 

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