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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life lately

I am happy to report I am finally feeling much better!  

Finally, I am out of that sick icky phase and feel like I can start the week off fresh.  Well, it's already Tuesday but better a day late than never, right?  Today is a good day to recap the weekend and set some fitness goals for the week. 

(loving this coozie :)

This weekend, I was able to spend Saturday at a horse show with Bradley in the morning, and then spend the rest of the day at the beach letting the dogs run around and relaxing with friends.  It was really nice to spend my Saturday with Olive and friends before having to spend the day working behind the bar on Sunday.

There is this great little "beach"  (it is a beach on the CT River) that is the hidden gem of Lyme/Old Lyme.  Dogs are allowed, it is not patrolled, and there is free (and limited) parking.  This was a great spot to bring lunch, drinks, and some high energy pooches. We had a great day watching the dogs play and the boats go by.  The water was warm, the sun was shining, and it was just a perfect New England summer day.

Bradley and I had a fantastic morning at the horse show.  We showed in the 3'3 amateur owner hunters, and did very well in our classes.  we had a great day, brought home second in the classic, and were happy to be back and showing again. 

Because of the stomach bug, workouts have been non existent.  Which has thankfully been balanced by my lack of eating complete meals so maybe we break even with that one. 

On another sad note, my groupon at the Fitness Factory expired, so I will have to do a home workout until I look into plan/class options for my last month at home.  

Fitness goals for the week:

Tuesday:  3 mile run 
Wednesday:  Weight/strength routine at home
Thursday:  4 or 5 mile run 

Friday:  Weight/strength routine at home

Check back in later and I will post the little strength routine I will be doing at home in case anyone wants to follow along.  

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