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Friday, May 2, 2014

Things I am loving Friday

Hello friends- (one of) my last posts as a normal person, 
because next time you see me.. I will be a marathoner!
( I may post tomorrow about my outfit and what I am bringing if I get some time)
Joining the <1% of the population soon!  

Well, because I am in such good spirits and so excited, I wanted to play along with the "things i'm lovin Friday" theme.  Because I am basically loving everything this week in the marathon excitement and  soaking up the sunny skies today.   A lot of the things I am loving, well it is music, so sorry about that.  But download them all and thank me later. 

1.  Ray Lemontagne:  It was a rainy week (until now), and his dreamy voice just made me swoon.  I could listen to him all day.  Especially "Let It Be Me".   Oh wait I already do (this song always gets the repeat button- guilty).  It is my favorite.....   listen to it here.

2.  Sarah Bareille's new song- "I Choose You" -  I love the lyrics, love her voice, and just love the song.  Puts you in that sappy happy mood.  listen to it here.

3.  Ingrid Michaelson's new song- "Girls Chase Boys"-  I was so lucky to see her perform at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT.  Super small intimate place, no seating just a stage and standing room inside (teeny tiny).  Did I mention her husband opened for her AND sang a song with her?  Swoon again.   Listen to it here.

4.  Shakira's new song- "The One Thing" - while watching The Voice I heard her sing this one live.  I love the catchy tune and the lyrics.  And then I found out she wrote the song for her son.  Man I am having a sappy week...(also- she is so smoking hot and adorable on The Voice...) Listen to it here.

5.  Printed tights.  Especially from White Plum, and especially for working out.  Fitnessista and Simply Taralynn both had White Plum giveaways this week and I really need that gift card so I can buy allll of the tights.  Check out their printed leggings here.

6.  The Skinny Confidential Blog.  Yeah yeah I am so late to the party, I get it.  But I usually stick to just running blogs.  I usually hate blogs that aren't strictly fitness related, but I have to admit, she is awesome and I love the way she writes and her "i don't care" attitude.  And her blog is beautiful and awesome.  And her clothes and MAN I wish I could wear lipstick like that... Girl crush...  Check out her blog here

7.  Rhode Island-  So random.  Things I am loving... a state. But I am in love with Rhode Island this week.  It is where I am running my first marathon.  We are doing work up there this and next week.  And it is where I spend my weekends diving in the summer - Jamestown is so much cuter than Newport-  check it out!  It is also where I ran a gorgeous half marathon through Newport and cheered on my friends.  RI is just an adorable little coastal state.  With expensive bridges, lots of ice cream and sailboats, and overall- a state that I just adore.   

Well that's it for today friends.
If you want to follow me on my race Sunday, click here!  
Cox Providence Marathon, May 4th
Katie Arruda Bib Number 1057 :) 

Happy Weekending!


  1. good luck you little marathoner!!!! XO

  2. ok, so i just stumbled onto your blog literally a day before you become a marathoner! seriously one of my favorite things in the world is to watch someone become a marathoner. i have run 7 and 4 of them have been with first-timers :)

    i'm so glad that i found my way here and i'm excited to hear about your race!!! good luck :)


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