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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Marathon Recap - Part 2

Welcome to Marathon Recap Part II
More of a running recap than a race recap.  

Let me start by saying something shocking.
This wasn't as hard or as glamorous as I thought.

Yeah yeah, it was a small race, It wasn't Boston or NY, it didn't have the huge crowds, nostalgia or hype.  But it just didn't feel like I thought it would.  I mean, don't get me wrong, it was 26 miles and I was tired by the end, but at no point did I feel like I couldn't go on, or something hurt really bad, or that I never wanted to run again.  Your normal aches and pains, normal wanting to be done running, but I think I kicked this marathon's butt. 

I drove to Providence on my own for the 7:15 lineup of the race.  At the start line I turned on my GoPro and I was off.   We left downtown Providence and headed out towards Barrington, Rhode Island.  Instead of going into exhausting detail mile by mile, I will just share some funny excerpts, aka conversations I had with myself throughout the run.  I also had my go pro on my head the entire race and I took some clips/pictures of my race-  SO easy to take picture when your camera is on your head.  Will put together a little video at a later date. 

Lace up your sneaks.. here we go!

Mile 1:  Yay look at all these people running a marathon.  Oh my god I just passed two visually impaired people running this marathon with guides.  The only thing worst than running a marathon has to be running a marathon with your eyes closed.  I officially have no right to complain.

Miles 2-3:  Wow this is depressing.  23 miles left! That is a sad thought.  Shut up, Katie, you just saw the visually impaired runners and said you would stop complaining... that didn't last long.

Miles 3-5:  Hey legs are starting to warm up... this isn't so bad..... I just want to get past 6 and out of the 20 miles left category because that is just so depressing.

Miles 5-8:  I AM SO HUNGRY- I don't want GU or Shot Blocks, I want real food.  This marathon is really interrupting my normal breakfast time.  No Me Gusta-  Hey, pretty water. 

Miles 8-10:  IT'S A DUNKIN DONUTS!!!!! RIGHT THERE ON THE COURSE.  I could go in and just get half a bagel, you know, some running fuel I am really hungry.  Oh wait I didn't bring any money with me- stupid stupid.  Wait, maybe if I go in and tell them I am running a marathon and I am hungry they will feel bad for me and give me a bagel.

Miles 10-12:  Bagel was a no go- realized not the best idea. I heard there are bananas on course,  I need to find some real food.  Fine I will settle for a Shot Blok.   Oh more water views. 

Miles 13-15:  YES! Half way there.  this is usually when I cross the half marathon finish line and say "wow I could never do that again- I will never run a marathon".  But here I am.  Oh my friends should be here any minute.  I hope to see them soon.  Oh this bike path is so pretty la de dah.  Wish I had a bike....

Miles 15-17:  I can't find my friends.   Where are they?   Note to self: call them.  I am running slow enough.... This is a nice neighborhood.  I am really jealous of everyone sitting in chairs.

Mile 18:  Oh hey look it's my parents aunt and uncle!  And cousins!  With a cow bell!   Nice little boost of energy at mile 18 just when I need it

Mile 19:  While the water is gorgeous, I am running down a path with water on both sides, with (what feels like) tornado winds.  I think I am running in a vacuum.  Am I moving forward?  Call friends, Liz says they are at mile 20.  Yay one more mile till I find them!

Mile 20.5:  Where are they... they said 20....

Mile 21:  LIZ WHERE ARE YOU GUYS -  Oh at mile 23... oh okay... that's really off but that's fine.  Oh hey... it's marathon Larry!  This guy has run over 1300 marathons.  Wow that's like... a lot a year.  I get dumb when I run. No math for me.  See ya Larry. 

Mile 22:  This hill really sucks.  I mean look... everyone is walking... in fact I have barely seen anyone running after mile 20.  I am walking up this hill too.  Lazy runners unite.

Mile 23.5  WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS-  They hate me.   They must be at the wrong marathon.  Why are they doing this to me.  I HAVE NO FRIENDS  they lied to me.  This is the meanest trick ever.

Mile 24:  Yeah they aren't coming.  They hate me.  I just want to finish this stupid race and go home.   Oh look at that boxer in the car... Hey its Courtney's dog Leni...  but who is that guy.  OH MY GOD SOMEONE STOLE LENI.  

Mile 25:  No one stole Leni- you have just lost your shit.  One more mile and change and then you can get some grub.  Maybe a cheeseburger... or a Turkey club.. options are endless.  GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD.

Photo Cred:  Gameface Photography.  

Mile 25.5:  THERE THEY ARE!! ITS MY FRIENDS!!! THEY LOVE ME!! THEY CAME!! THEY MADE SIGNS!!! They were off my five miles but I DON'T CARE LIFE IS WONDERFUL.  OH here take my sweaty arm bands and my sweaty camel bak.  See ya at the finish. 

Mile 26:  Okay.. I am at 26... and the finish line is no where in sight.  That was a long half mile and  wow I didn't know .2 was so far.

26.3:    I SEE IT! The finish line!  Hey dude-  PASSED YA BITCH -  cruising cruising... OH MY FRIENDS!!! Cheesy wave and smile... Courtney Kristen and the boxers, oh there is Ashley and Jon and Lilly, oh and my parents.  Aunt uncle and cousin- wow I am loved.  If you want to see how many amazing friends and family you have, run a marathon.  Wait I minute...26.3? I have been cheated....Now I can eat.

I had visions of me tearing up as I crossed the finish line,  an item off the bucket list, overwhelming pride an joy.  Yes I was happy, and excited, and all my friends and family were at the end, and the crowd was fantastic, but I just felt... normal.  My father is impressed by my post marathon status... and tells me how big of an accomplishment it was.  I sort of over think it and think its kind of silly... I ran 26 miles and ended up in the same place.  I remind myself its not the race but all the miles leading to this race that counted.  That made me a marathoner.  Those miles were the real struggle. 

I grabbed my foil cape, a water, 1/4 of a wrap, and hung out while I found my family.  I saw people hobbling and stretching, crawling and stumbling.... but I felt okay. 

I think my "success" was in my run walk program.  I ran 2 miles, walked 1 minute throughout the entire race.  This gave me legs a quick break, not pounding on the same muscles for 4.5 hours, and allowed me to break the race into 2 mile intervals.  Below are my splits (this time includes the walking). 

It doesn't feel like it really happened.  I mean my watch said 26.3... I had a medal... I ran all of the miles.. But I don't feel any different.  Hah oh well.  Now I never have to run again if I don't want to.  Best. Feeling. Ever

If I ever run again I think its going to be 5k 10k stuff.  I mean the marathon didn't feel so bad but the 4+ months of training and long run weekends is something I rather never do again. 

Well, thanks for following me on my marathon journey.  And thanks for all your support along the way.  Now that the race is over, I am going to focus on shorter distances, some speed work, and get back into Body Pump and weight training.  

Onto bigger and better different things!


    But I have to ask, who was with Leni?

  2. hahaha glad you enjoyed it- It wasn't leni, it was just a random tan boxer that my disillusional brain assumed was a stolen leni...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Angelo! Next is trail marathons- JUST KIDDING- I will leave that to the professionals ;)

  4. Love the recap! You were awesome and should be so proud! xoxo


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