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Thursday, May 29, 2014

My first "CrossFit style" class

How does that little saying go?  Variety is the spice of life?  Sure this holds true in every aspect of life, but this one is really my "key to success"  for working out.  I get bored, I get comfortable, and I need to constantly be changing things up and trying new things to stay committed and see results.

Well, as you guys know I am a groupon fanatic.  I bought about 4 groupons to Shoreline Health and Fitness where for 20 bucks a month, I had a 10 class pass.  I was able to try spin classes, body flow (mix of tai chi, yoga, and pilates), zumba, and my favorite:  body pump.  Well finally those groupons ran out and they started to enforce the "new members only policy".  Boo hoo to that.

Well, there was just no way I was going to pay full price for a gym membership, especially in the summer when I can easily work out outside.  But if you are like me, you really need some structure and guidance and this whole "self discipline" thing really doesn't work that well.  So, back to groupon I went.

Finally, I found a groupon to the Northeast Fitness Factory, about 15-20 minutes away in Clinton.  A little far but 20 classes for $70 bucks made me decide the drive was worth the deal.  Better yet, I convinced two of my friends to buy the groupon too-- no excuses now!

My first class was a HIIT 45 class with Liz.  I have taken HIIT before (High Intensity Interval Training) and loved it.  It kicked my butt, but I loved it.  Saturday, I saw there was a boot camp class at 8 am so I decided this was going to be my second class and my chance to try a new class.  Liz couldn't make this one, so I was on my own.  

I walked into class to see everyone setting up benches and a lot of stuff written on the chalk board.  

Like... A LOT of stuff.

The room is basically a big warehouse space and the girl in front must have noticed the confused look on my face.  I thought it was going to be a fun little class full of squats and sit ups, hard, but manageable.  

She asked if I needed help setting up my "space" and I gladly accepted.  She then asks me if I have a partner, and even more confused, I gladly accept her offer again- to partner up.

Well, not so gladly because this girl is a block of muscle and can probably bench press me.  So glad I am not alone (new girl with no partner)  but, terrified that this is my partner for god knows what.... What do I need a partner for? I can't just take numerous water breaks and hide in the back?  NOPE.

The instructor starts talking (anyone new? I raise my hand) 
and she explains the structure of the workout

LEFT SIDE:  Do the number of exercises (example 5 push presses) and rest while my partner does the exercises, and repeat until that time is over. 

WARM UP:  Jump Rope 

5 Minutes of 5 Push Presses:
I do 5 push presses, rest while my partner does five push presses. 
Continue for five minutes.

4 Minutes of 4 Mountain Climbers
I do 4 mountain climbers, rest while my partner does 4 mountain climbers. 
Continue for four minutes.

3 Minutes of 3 Push Ups 
I do 3 push ups, rest while my partner does 3 push ups.
Continue for 3 minutes.  

2 Minutes of 2 Tricep Push Ups
I do 2 tricep push ups, rest while my partner does two tricep push ups.
Continue for 2 minutes.  

RIGHT SIDE:  60's are done alternating (30 each in intervals of 10)
 30's are done with your partner (simultaneously). 

Weighted Squats:  Do 10 squats, rest while partner does 10 squats
Repeat 2 more rounds.

Box Jumps:  Do 30 box jumps in a row start at the same time as your partner.

Kettle Ball Swings:  Do 10 swings, rest while your partner does 10 swings
Repeat 2 more rounds. 

Squat Jumps:  Do 30 squat jumps in a row start at the same time as your partner.

Weighted Lunges:  Do 10 lunges, rest while your partner does 10 lunges
Repeat 2 more rounds. 

Box Jumps:  Do 30 box jumps in a row start at the same time as your partner.

Burpees:  Do 10 burpees, rest while your partner does 10 burpees
Repeat 2 more rounds. 

Squat Jumps:  Do 30 squat jumps in a row start at the same time as your partner.

Full Range Sit Ups:  Do 10 sit ups, rest while your partner does 10 sit ups
Repeat 2 more rounds. 

Now, if you are looking like that like "whoa that is a lot holy hell!"  You are correct.  It is.  I thought I was in decent shape, I ran a marathon a few weeks ago, I did body pump all winter.  Man, was I wrong, and oh was this a humbling experience.

 And let me say NEVER have I EVER felt so defeated in a gym class.  An insane workout, timed, with a crazy partner who does all of these workouts SO fast (aka barely any rest time for me-- did I mention she did all the pushups on her TOES).  The sweat was pouring off my face and there were definitely a few burpees where I pathetically thew myself on the floor, laid there a little too long, and slowly peeled myself off the ground.  Repeat.  

Don't get me wrong, the instructor was motivating, my partner encouraging and supportive, but I was not prepared for this form of ass kicking.    I really struggled with the tri cep push ups, and reallllly with the burpees.  But as pathetic as I looked, I kept (sort of) pushing forward. 

Finally- the burpees are done, the squat jumps over, and I just finished the sit ups, when I hear the instructor announce one of the worst things I have ever heard:  "If you are done, start over, working your way from the end to the beginning".  So here I go, more sit ups, more squat jumps, and back to the burpees from hell.  At this point, you are going to need a wheel barrow to get me to my car.

Finally that magic clock strikes 9:00am, I peel myself off the floor, and semi hobble to my car.  No amount of foam rolling, water or stretching was going to prepare me for the amount of sore muscles I was going to endure.  

I continue to tell my friends about it and they are not suprised.  "wait, you didn't know that was a cross fit style gym?".  No, No I did not.

But man, did I learn.     

I am a little afraid and a lot intimidated to attend this class again, and really unsure if I can take another butt kicking like that, so, I made a modified version of this  TORTURE "workout"  I do at home.   I am doing it a few times a week at home, building up some strength (and courage) so I can attempt this class again.  Will share this mini workout with you guys tomorrow! 

Until then, go try something new.  You may love it.  
Or you may crawl out of the gym swearing you will never come back.

Good luck !    


  1. A year and a half ago, my normal pilates class was cancelled so I decided to try out another class, Circuit Breaker that is a "cross-fit style" class identical to the one you mentioned. I legitmately worried that I would throw up during that first class and it took two weeks until I could walk again...but then I went back. And went back again. Then started going to it two times a week and got my husband and best friend to start coming with me. We are all addicted. I had never worked out with kettlebells or bars before and now I can't imagine a workout without them. I absolutely love the muscle tone I have gained in my arms, back and shoulders from all the pushups I do now (some on my toes even!). I love that I am getting fit, not worrying about getting skinny. Stick with it! You will be happy you did, I promise.

    1. Haley! Thank you SOO MUCH for sharing your experience with me! Congrats on your transformation! I feel a lot better with your advice and I will stick with it. Thanks!

  2. Did your students like the cross fit class? I personally enjoy it. Cross fit gives me strength to work in an office every day.


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