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Monday, April 23, 2012

Keep Calm and Plan On

18 days until Ragnar Cape Cod- EIGHTEEN DAYS thats it.  

That means we have 18 days to : 

Get our shirts to and from the printer (oh shit moment) and paid for
Make sure you all check the spelling of your sponsors! 
Collect any last minute sponsors check (NER get on that..)
Organize a meet up location for 24 people in 4 different vans (bigger oh shit moment)
Organize food and safety supplies (headlamps, tail lights, vests) for each van
Send out contact lists
Print 4 copies of the Race Bible
Print 4 copies of the race courses
Get an estimated time schedule together
Make sure everyone brings sleeping supplies for Welfleet
Figure out what to do with my dog  (we have end up having a mascott...)
Collect payment from everyone

Any 7,000 other things I cant think of right now-  I guess I will have plenty of time to think during my (attempt) at nine miles today

Anyone think of anything else? 

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