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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back in Action ( kind of )

Watching all my friends continue on their running routines guilted me back into my sneakers.  Jill and Marissa (Check out her running blog!) are training for full marathons, Sadie and Bethany put in 6 am runs, Jayme Eric and Vanessa are training for Ragnar Adirondacks, and I am eating a snickers bar........

Why is there a 2+ month break in my running?

  Here is a list of excuses:  Its too hot,  I am too busy riding, I am too busy working three jobs, and the dog hates the heat more than I do.  Over the years I have seen a trend in my running schedule.  It looks a little like this:

January:  "Holiday Hate"- 
Bah humbug-  the money is spent and the calories are collecting on my inner thighs-  I just ate enough food in one sitting to feed a large family for a week- Bundle up and  run run run

February:  Its my birthday month-
 heavy drinking and extremely bored- cant afford to ski- guess I will keep running

March:  Still bored... Still broke... 
Ski once or twice and run when I'm not too sore from that.

April:  Starting to warm up- 
 running is slightly more enjoyable- those races are creeping up on me- usually about the time my shin splints are at full force- Running/hobbling around the track

May: Running races like a mad women- 
Ragnar (never planning a Ragnar relay every again), half marathon (it was all hills- at mile 11 I decided I would never run a full marathon), 5ks- why not?  Starting to feel and look better

June:  It is so hot and now I hate running-  
kayak swim hike ride to stay in shape

July:  Refer to June 
and watch all those months of training go down the tubes

August: Refer to July

September: It is time-
 new sneaker shopping to jump start the process-attempt to run a mile and remain amazed that I once ran 13... in a row.. without stopping...

October:  3 miles aint so bad.... 
 Bumpin up in miles!

November:  Turkey Trottin 
( local 5 miler on Thanskgiving day) - I use this 5 mile run to justify my over eating

December:  Running as an outlet for holiday stress

If you are looking at that schedule then you probably realized I should be in "Its so hot I hate running mode"  and I partially am.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, all of my friends are still running and it is proving for great motivation to pick back up where I left off ( who am I kidding, start back at a mile or two).  Once my ear heals up ( stay tuned to hear THAT story) I will be back at it.      

I cant decide if I love or hate running- or maybe its just a love/hate relationship...
Sound familiar to anyone?

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