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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pay It Forward

Hello Ragnarians
One of the hardest parts about organizing a Ragnar Relay is entering it.... trying to collect $100(ish) from 12 people on time is nearly impossible.  Most of us are in our mid 20's and our money tree is still just a seedling.  Of course we do not mind paying the entry fee because the money goes towards a bunch of charities that Ragnar supports.  However, it is always nice to get sponsors to help up out with the $1,380 price PER TEAM. The big problem with sponsors is: for the money to affect our entry fee, sponsors cannot donate on the Ragnar website.... they have to donate to US to pay the entry fee.  To sponsors, this sounds pretty shady... who wants to write us a personal check to the name of our team captain ? How do you know where that money is really going?

One of my thoughts was setting up a business account in the name of our team- and sponsors can write a check out to our team, instead of to an individual person.

Previous Ragnarians.. what have you done in the past? How did you deal with sponsors and your entry fee?

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