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My name is Katie and welcome to Katie Wanders. 
This blog revolves around a New England native wandering into great adventures all over the globe.   I love to be active and you can usually find me hiking, biking, running, riding, or scuba diving around the globe.  While I wish mfull-time job was a nomadic traveler, that just hasn't been a realistic option for me.  I consider myself more of the "Weekend Warrior", filling my weekends with great adventures, all while working full time to fund those bigger trips, proving you don't need unlimited funds to travel.  

 If you too are trying to pay off your student loans, 
crush your 9-5 and travel the world, you are in the right spot! 

 In August of 2014 I packed my life (cat, dog, saddle and scuba tanks included) into my SUV and a U-Haul trailer. I moved 2,200 miles from Old Lyme, Connecticut to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend graduate school and see what life in the mountains is all about.  "Life Elevated" is Utah's slogan when you cross over the border.  

Life out in the west really reignited my love for healthy living, good food, travel, and adventure.  While out in Utah, I have run my second marathon, climbed some amazing peaks, spent nights camping under the stars in the desert, and skied the "greatest snow on earth".   

In May of 2016, I packed all that stuff BACK into a U-Haul trailer (yep, again) and moved my life back East for a job.  After a big adjustment yet again, I am trying to find a balance between my love of the ocean, my desire to hike all of the mountains, a full-time job, my dwindling savings account, and dreams to see the world.  


I am currently living on the Connecticut/Rhode Island border, figuring out this next chapter of life.  This blog follows my life around the American West, the Northeast, my journeys along the coasts, my love of New England, and my trips abroad.  I am an active adventure junky with a love of photography, a theme that I hope leaps off the pages and posts of this blog.  I hope to always bring you tons of inspiration with quippy posts and quality photos. My DSLR has been around the world and has enough scratches and chunks missing from it to prove it.  
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  1. what an interesting life story! fun fact- I was also the commencement speaker at my college graduation :) looking forward to following your blog!

  2. Nice! I would like to say it was because I am so so smart but it was based on popular vote... aka I made all my friends vote for me. Thanks for reading :)

  3. Just found your blog via Running for Rescue's link on Facebook.
    I'm down in Norwalk CT. Just wanted to say hello!

    1. Hey! thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to follow your blog- its nice to meet some local bloggers- far are few!

  4. Followed you over here from my friends Jessica site. I just ran my second half marathon on November 22 when it was 20 degrees or so at the start. I work as an environmental engineer working on water and air issues for my company here in Virginia. I have never heard of Ragnar but it sounds very interesting. I'll have to read up more on then here on your site. Best wishes on your Masters studies.

    1. Hi Mark! Thanks for stopping by! Congrats on your second half marathon! And that is a cold start! Nice to meet a fellow environmental scientist/runner. Thanks again for stopping by and thank you for the wishes! About to start studying for my environmental law exam and could use the luck! ;)

  5. This is going to sound weird, but unless you moved to Concord, NC someone is using your profile to catfish on okcupid

    1. wow that is certainly not me! Thank you! Looking into this!

  6. Found your blog via Don't Stop Living. I've only been to Utah once before, but I really enjoyed Salt Lake City. Such a beautiful city! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures in the American West.

    1. Hi Ray! Thank you so much for stopping by KW! I am glad you enjoyed Salt Lake City! Being a born and bred East Coaster, it was a tough transition for me. But that aside, this city by the mountains is gorgeous. There are so many amazing places right outside my door step. It is an outdoor lovers paradise!


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