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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Windsor Meadows State Park - Windsor


Windsor Meadows State Park is a small stretch of park bordering the Connecticut River in the town of Windsor. The entire park consists of 155 acres of woodlands along the river, bounded to the west by railroad tracks. The south section of the park contains the large parking lot, start of the Windsor River Trail (paved trail great for a variety of trail users), the Bissell Bridge Walkway Trail, and the Bissell Bridge Boat Launch. The Walkway connects Windsor to the large system of multi-use trails in Manchester and East Hartford. While the area is most popular among boaters using the launch, there are several picnic tables, and a small handicapped accessible pavilion.

Windsor Meadows State Park Windsor River Trail
 Windsor River Trail entrance

We visited the park for a morning walk along the river on the Windsor River Trail. One thing I've been considering as I research various state parks around the state is how friendly they are to different users. I typically consider whether a park or trail is dog friendly and even kid or family friendly, but now I'm starting to consider if the park has sections that are wheel chair or stroller friendly. This park offers a flat 0.75 mile paved trail along the river front. You can walk this trail as an out and back walk for a total of 1.5 miles of flat paved trail right along the Connecticut River, making it a great option for anyone needing a flat, stable, paved surface to enjoy the outdoors. To access the paved walking trail, head out to the right if you are looking at the river from the parking lot. Don't be confused by the paved 1.8 mile trail (to the left if you are looking at the river) that heads under the bridge and leaves the park before crossing the Connecticut River. 

Windsor Meadows State Park boat launch

Windsor Meadows State Park picnic area
Windsor Meadows State Park picnic area

We had a nice little morning walking the trail on a Saturday morning. We saw two others walking their dog along the trail but besides that, it was pretty quiet. While not a showy big state park with vistas and miles of hiking, it is a lovely spot for a walk with a paved trail that makes this park perfect for just about anyone from wheel chairs to strollers, someone who needs stable footing or young kids who need a flat and short trail. 

Trail: 1.5 miles round trip along the paved out and back Windsor River Trail that follows the Connecticut River
Dogs: Yes, on leash 
Kids: Perfect trail for kids - paved and flat and only 3/4 of a mile long (one way). Great for strollers or wagons as well
Extras: Picnic area and boat launch 
Bathrooms: No, there are portable restrooms in the parking area 

Windsor Meadows State Park paved river trail

Catalpa Tree Leaf

Windsor Meadows State Park
Windsor Meadows State Park start of the River Trail

Windsor River Trail Map
Windsor River Trail Map

Windsor Meadows State Park trail kiosk

Windsor Meadows State Park parking area
Parking area and entrance

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