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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Livs Shack - CT Lobster Shack Tour

Well, it's my first post of 2020 and I have been a little MIA in the way of social media.  

Why?  It's painfully simple - I've been living my life.  Like spending time with family, friends, Adam, our dogs, and my horse.  I've been working on the house and planning some big events for 2020.  It's been less on the adventure/travel parts of life, and more of enjoying the moments, getting things done around the house, and not worrying about blogging or life between the squares.  

That gap between the holidays is closing and I am back to planning adventures.  I am heading to Utah and Wyoming next week to ski and in the meantime, I'm working on old posts that never quite made it into 2019.  

This lobster shack review? It's a summer treat that is making it's way to Katie Wanders in the dead of winter.  No, the lobster shack isn't open right now but yes, I am beyond excited to talk about shellfish and buttery rolls even if January is bitter cold and the idea of eating outside is a distant memory. 

So another New England lobster shack evaluated for the New England Lobster Roll Tour - you know, research.  

Adam and I headed to Liv's Lobster Shack where we met my family (mom, dad, sister, brother in law, sister#2, her boyfriend, brother, aunt uncle, cousin, and a handful of dogs).  So a lot of people jazzed up about seafood, a cooler of beer and wine, a few dogs and picnic tables.  It's the start of a pretty perfect summer day. 

Liv's Lobster Shack.  

It's a cedar shake shack at a marina in Old Saybrook Connecticut.  Just the building material and location screams everything New England. 

How did this little crustacean cafe with a view come to be?  The shack originated from a booth at the farmer's market and is owned by Liv's Oyster Bar down the road in Old Saybrook.  

Parking is minimal (really, really minimal) right before the marina guests only gate.  It's BYOB and dog-friendly so it already received high mark before I even stepped out of the car.  Lobster rolls only come one way - hot and buttered - the only way they should be so again, another high mark before I even placed my order.  And wait, is that truffle fries on the menu?

You place your order inside the small shack and find a seat outside.  You can sit on picnic tables on the deck out back around the corner on the lawn.  There isn't an indoor area so it's a nice weather only sort of place, a tough game in New England.  But let's be honest, the best way to eat a lobster roll is in the sunshine on the sea, hot and buttered until death do us part.  

You have two options when it comes to the lobster roll, and neither include mayo. You can order the 1/4 lb or the 1/2 lb.  You can order it in grilled cheese and on a burger.  For research purposes, I stuck with the standard 1/4 lb lobster roll - 1/4 lb of chunky succulent and sweet lobster meat with a generous coating of butter on a toasted roll.  It was delicious and an absolute tease, leaving me wishing I chose the 1/2 lb option.  The fries were dreamy and according to Adam, a burger with lobster is a grand idea.  All in all, I found the quality to be great but the size to be too small in relation to the price.  While the meat to bun ratio was great, $18 is not cheap for a lobster roll in a smaller hot dog bun with no sides.  While I would certainly go back, Lobster Landing seems to win the prize for a bigger high-quality lobster roll at $17.50. 

It was a perfect summer day and we enjoyed it while eating seafood, crunching on fries, drinking wine and spending time with the dogs. 

1.  The Shack:  Is it small and does it have that coastal charm?  Is it right on the water?  How is the atmosphere?  10 - At a marina right on the water, adorable little shack, cute picnic area on the side of the building. 
2.  Ordering system:  Easy? Make sense? Fast? 10 - Order inside or on the phone and someone brings out your food. 
3.  Booze:  Is it BYOB? Or is there a good local beer selection?  10 - BYOB! 
4.  Dogs:  Is it Dog-Friendly?  10 - Yep! Outside under the awning. 
5.  Parking:  Is there any parking? 7- Parking is so so bad.  There are a handful of spots on the restaurant side and after that you are pretty much S.O.L.  There is a barrier marking the marina parking and street parking isn't really an option. 

1.   Size:  Is this a tiny sandwich or is it a decent-sized lobster roll?  8-  It was okay, on the smaller side! 
2.  Meat:  How much meat is on the roll?  Is it tender or overcooked? 10 - cooked perfectly 
3.  Bun:  Toasted? Soggy? 10- perfectly toasted, not soggy at all 
4.  Butter:  Enough?  Too much? 10- perfect butter ratio 
5.  Price:   Worth the price tag or overpriced? 7 - $18 is not cheap for a lobster roll in a smaller hot dog bun with no sides

Score:  42/50 

Open seasonally (weather pending) from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
The original Shack is open Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 11-7 and Friday & Saturday 11-8.

Livs Shack is located in Harbor One Marina at 26 Bridge Street in Old Saybrook.  

Livs Shack is BYOB and dog-friendly - seating is outdoor only.
The newest Liv’s Shack opened at Pilots Point Marina in Westbrook and is open from Thursday-Monday 11:30-8.


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