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Monday, April 4, 2016

Malan's Peak - Ogden, Utah

Spring hiking can be a little tough when you live in the mountains.  The high peaks are all covered in snow, and the lower trails are often covered in mud.  The flies take over Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island, and everyone and their mother is on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  Throw in the factor of finding a dog-friendly trail and you may be scratching your head on just where you should hike when winter slowly fades to spring.  After doing a little bit of research, I found a hike that we could do to a peak, that was accessible due to its (relatively) low elevation at 6,960 feet.
Guide to hiking Malan's peak

- - - - - - - - - - The History Behind Malan’s Peak - - - - - - - - - - 
"Malan’s Peak was named after an Ogdenite, Bartholomew “Tim” Malan. In 1892, Malan and his family carved out a path up the mountain side along the upper reaches of Waterfall Canyon, into what is now Malan’s Basin and built Malan Heights Hotel and also prepared a campground area. Malan charged visitors $1 per person to be hauled up to the hotel in a horse-drawn wagon that had a “poke” stick which prevented the wagon from rolling backwards down the hill. Passengers were treated to beautiful panoramic views, excellent meals, and lodging at $6 per week (steak included). Unfortunately, the Hotel burned down in 1906 and the only evidence of it’s existence left is the old cast iron boiler laying in the grass near the stream which leads to Waterfall Canyon.

A plaque at the old Hotel location shows Malan Heights Resort from 1893-1913. It included a two-story hotel, a sawmill, seven log cabins and a club house. Room and Board was $6 but you could also purchase a single meal for between $.35 and $.50."

- - - - - - - - - -  About the Hike - - - - - - - - - -  
Hike::  Malan's Peak via Taylor Canyon in Ogden, Utah 
Distance::  About 5 miles to the summit
Elevation gain::  About 2,000'
Difficulty::  Moderate, 2,000' over 2.5 miles 
Dogs::  Allowed - only water about 1 mile into the trail for a little - so bring water. 
Trailhead::  There are two options, via 27th street or 29th street. I decided to go with Alicia's suggestion over at Girl On A Hike .  She hiked the trail via the 27th street trailhead.  Park along the road, and take the trail on the left.  The trail is well marked - continue to follow signs for Taylor Canyon and Malan's peak. 

Malan's Peak Trailhead 27th Street 
Notes:  Located in Ogden, about 40 minutes north of Salt Lake City, this is a popular trail.  It intersects the BST and you will see a lot of families and mountain bikers at the base of the trail.  As you start to climb up Taylor's canyon, the crowds will thin out. If you are hiking this trail in the early spring, be sure to bring a pair of microspikes.  While a lot of the route was snow free, the top sections and shady sections were covered in snow that made the trail slippery (mostly slushy and snow, very little ice).  The peak itself was free of snow. You will see a waterfall about 1 mile into the trail, which is a great place to take a break and a few pictures.  

Overall, this is a fun trail with gorgeous views of the valley, mountain peaks in the distance, and the lake. Relatively short at 5 miles round trip but a great workout with the elevation gain.  At the summit, you can continue another .5 mile to Malan's Basin. 

Signage along the Malan's Peak trail

Waterfall Malan's Peak Trail

Taking a break at the waterfall
First overlook and view of Ben Lomond Peak 

Views from the trail 

snow on the trail to Malan's Peak
Hiking along the snowy trail early April

Olive in the snow along the trail

View from the summit 

view from Malan's peak
View from the summit of Malan's Peak 

View from the summit of Malan's Peak 


  1. I am amazed with how diverse the nature can be! Your photos are fascinating and the views are really breathtaking! Your dog looks tired however incredibly cute! Thank you for sharing such an interesting destination. The trail must be indeed popular since my friend has already told me about it. Unfortunately, I still haven't had a chance to relax a little and try it out. I promise, I will.

    1. The landscape is so diverse out here (especially on this one trail!). She was a very tired very happy dog! You should carve out some time and put this hike on the top of your list! Thanks for stopping by

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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