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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Diving with Scuba Madeira -- Madeira Island, Portugal

If you read the blog often enough, you already know I love to be on in and around the water.  And I especially love to go scuba diving wherever my travels take me.  Back in 2013 I went diving in the Azores, the other portuguese owned island in the Atlantic, and I was excited to see what Madeira was like beneath the coastline
 (You can read about diving in the Azores here ).  

Before heading to Madeira, I did a little research on where to go and which shop was the best, as I would be diving without my lovely friends and in a foreign country.  And then after a few weeks of research, I just ended up walking over to the closest place next door at the hotel.  Being able to walk to a place near the hotel district made it so much easier.  No car needed.  I had read some TripAdvisor reviews, checked out their website, and emailed with the dive guides. I had an amazing dive with Scuba Madeira, and so can you!

Scuba Madeira is located inside the Hotel Pastana Palms. When I emailed them about a dive they were quick and courteous to respond. I was told that: "Daily dives except Sundays we have Dives from shore and Boat, We meet at 10:00AM or 14:00PM. One Dive full Equipped is 42 Euros , boat fees are to pay extra depending on Distance from 8 to 18 Euros. Dive package is 3 Dives 110 Euros, with 2 Dives we don’t have a Pack. Just come by to meet us, or just tell me when you like to Dive".  We decided on 10am one tank dive off the house reef.

 * * Book your dive with Scuba Madeira HERE!  * * 
Not certified?  
Thats okay, you can do an introductory without a certification, 
or get certified in beautiful Madeira with Scuba Madeira. 

Scuba Madeira
 Hotel Pestana Palms - Rua do Gorgulho 17 - 9000-107 Funchal - Portugal
Phone: Dive-center : (00351) 291 709 227 - Mobil:(00351) 910 864 147 - e-mail:

The shop has free nitrox, and had a few options for a single dive on a Thursday morning. I could head out on the boat to the nearby nature reserve, or do a dive on the house reef right here at the center. Because I had family waiting for me to go on another adventure, I decided to dive on the house reef right off the hotel to save some time. 

42 Euros ($47) got me a guided dive, just me and two of the guides, and included all the gear needed (I just brought along my computer and mask). 

We dove about 50 minutes, to about 60 feet and the water temperature was about 66 degrees.  I wore a 7 mil with a hood. The staff were all very very friendly and while the dive center was small and basic, it had everything needed including rinse tanks and locker areas to hold your stuff. The gear was all in great condition, although I was initially shocked by the front zipping wet suit and lack of gloves (gloves are allowed but my guide convinced me I wouldn't need them).

We took a giant stride off the deck and descended down to 10', where we followed the rocks and slope down to about 60' where the rocks met the sand. Along the way we saw nudibranchs, octopus, sea horse, cuttle fish, sea urchins and various other fish. At one point, my guide put a sea urchin on my palm and felt it crawl around before releasing it back to the sea floor. My guide was kind enough to point out all the various critters living in the waters off the island of Madeira.  The visibility was great, the water a little chilly, and there was plenty of sea life around us.  


Check out my video including some diving clips on YouTube Here or Below!


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  1. Such cool photos! Looks like you've had a blast. Portugal is on my to-do list for sureeee!

    n- Naomi in Wonderland


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