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Friday, February 19, 2016

Confessions of a 28 year old wanderer

Life is lovely. 

 I suppose those are the three words I am going to use to describe revelations and confessions of a 28 year old ...... a 28 year old what?  A 28 year old adventurer, traveler, friend, sister, daughter, and the list goes on.  Now that I have been 28 for a whole 24 hours (dramatic much?), I thought it would be fun to share in some revelations and confessions upon turning 28.  

Breaking the mold and ringing in another birthday with a Candy Apple instead of cake

Where did these wrinkles come from? I swear these wrinkles on the side of my eyes when I smile are new to the party.  And they were not invited.  Time for more expensive eye cream.

The sun is the devil.  I have had this revelation for a while, but I have been slathering myself in so much sun screen that I should probably start buying it in bulk from Costco.  While everyone is laying in the sun, you can find me wearing a hat under an umbrella with a swim shirt wearing SPF 1000 (truth). 

My closet needed a revamp.  All of the sudden the dresses of my younger 20's just seemed insanely inappropriate.  I sent about 20 dresses to consignment and started shopping for outfits like (gasp) interview outfits.  Business casual what?

Eat healthy.  I have always been good about eating healthy, but as I get older (and travel and eat more junk while traveling), I realize I need to fill my body with stuff that makes me feel good.  Most of the time that is.  And also fill it with the things that make me happy like french fries and chocolate, because balance is key my friends. 

Growing old is a privilege, and it is a privilege denied to many.  Look forward to every single birthday, and every memory that comes with it.

Instead of 28 candles, how about 28 apples? 

Most importantly:  
While walking to the wine bar last night for some celebratory bubbly, I looked around at the Salt Lake City skyline and laughed.  

Younger me had a very distinct timeline of her 20 something life.  You get engaged at this age, married at that age, bought a house at this point, had kids at that point.  I haven't met any of societies expectations for a woman in her late 20's.  28 and I just graduated college (again), working part time, living 2,200 miles away from the people I love. With NO idea what's next.

And you know what? 
I am so okay with that.  

I am traveling more than ever (JUST back from a trip to Puerto Rico, and before that Madeira!), get to focus on me-myself-and-I, making new friends all over the globe, and open to the endless opportunities ahead.  28 I am learning that timelines, schedules and expectations do not matter.  That living every day is what is important.  And doing what makes me happy right now is what I need to focus on.  

All of the other milestones, well, they have plenty of time to mark themselves on the Katie Wanders timeline.  And the luxury of enjoying my youth(ish?), of having little obligations and complete flexibility is right where I want to be.  So this means 28 is going to be more traveling and wandering, and more fun in the sun on Katie Wanders. 

Critters, Candles, Chaos, and Candy Apples.  Cheers to another great Birthday!

Cheers to turning 28.  
To growing up, shedding the short dresses, the expectations, and self doubt.  To more champagne, travels, fun, and unplanned adventures.  To spending more time with the people who love and support me, you all know who you are. 

I'm not a selfish person. I just know I've been through enough to put myself first before anyone else. I choose growth.:


  1. Just wait till you're as old as ME! Hope 28 treats you great! (see what I did there? I'm a poet!)

    1. hahah - hey if I look 25 have a beautiful home great job and barn full of ponies, I will be ecstatic (men and babies are way over rated) :) Thanks!!

    2. I was getting in to say the same thing. I would love to read your confessions when you are 20 years older than today. Wish you a real happy life.

    3. It is definitely an interesting concept. I cant wait to look back in 20 years, see what life has been and laugh.


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