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Friday, January 2, 2015

Running with your dog- Must Haves!

So maybe your New Years Resolution is to get in shape. 
Or maybe it is to better train your dog or start running with fido.  

If you are considering running with your dog in 2015, I have some awesome products to share that will make your life (and your pooches!) a lot easier on the run! 

These are products I use and love every time I take Olive for a run.   Running with Olive turns any run into a much more enjoyable experience.  Having the company, a good pacer, and a tired dog after is hard to beat ;) 

Gentle Leader Harness
 Purchase on Amazon ($14.19)
This harness has a nice simple non intrusive design, that controls your dog from the chest instead of a clip on the back.  This works really well for dogs that pull and drag on the leash and is a great aid for running with your dog.

Remington Orange and Yellow Large Safety Vests for Dogs

Remington Reflective Safety Vest
 Purchase on Amazon ($14.32)
If you are running on the roads, running at night, or running in the woods during hunting season, then this vest is a must.  Neon orange and reflective striping makes sure your pooch (and you) are seen! 

Ruffwear Flat Out Leash for Pets, Pacific Wave

Adjustable Leash for Hands-Free Running 
There is nothing worst than having your dog yank your arm out during your entire run.  And let's face is, holding on to a leash for ten miles is no fun.  This hand strap has an adjustable strap that turns the wrist sized loop into a waist belt/hands free running device.  The clip is also great if you ever need to tie your dog outside for a second while you run into a store or somewhere fido cannot go.  The clip on the other end is also durable and high quality so no one gets lose on the run ;) 

Musher's Secret Paw Protection Balm

Mushers Secret "Invisible Dog Boots"
 Purchase on Amazon  ($11.25)
This is really important to protect paws from hot pavement in the summer or de-icer on the winter roads.  Booties are a nice option but many dogs hate wearing booties.  Mushers secret is an easy cheap alternative.

Come back and tell me how much you loved these products- I promise you will. 


  1. While I do not do it often I have a place I can take our dog and run without a lease which is so nice. It is isolated and safe for him. I just have to make sure he does not go chasing after a deer! I wonder how that Musher's Secret would work on human feet at the beach!! There have been times I wish I had something like that at the beach!

    1. That is really smart! has to be good for human feet!


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