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Friday, January 30, 2015

DP Cheesesteaks, Salt Lake City, Utah

If ending the week with a post dedicated to Cheesesteaks is wrong,
 I don't want to be right.

I can't tell you how many times I passed this spot downtown, 
saw the line out the door, and drooled. 

DP Cheesesteaks stands for "Downtown Philly Cheese Steaks" and is located on  300 South 83 East downtown Salt Lake City.  There are 10 different cheese steak options as well as a chicken "cheesesteak" and a few other sandwich options.    The menu is simple... sandwich (regular or large), chips, drink.  Your order takes about 5 minutes so this is a great option for a lunch break or someone in a rush.  

My only complaint? 
They did not have french fries.  

These sauces (a horse radish and a jalapeno) absolutely made the sandwich 10x better.  And getting a punch card was probably a bad idea for my waist line. 

The hot cherry peppers in this sandwich were amazing.  The perfect amount of heat.  And the bread was out of this world.   I also opted for provolone, but traditional philly fans don't worry, cheese wiz is also an option for each sandwich.  

Authentic philly cheesesteak? I don't know I will let you decide.  
All I know is that this was one delicioussss sandwich. 

Thatcher's large sandwich at $8.70, my regular sandwich at $6.45, chips for a dollar plus tax.  A delicious lunch for two for $17.55.  You can't beat that!

  If you need a quick, cheap, delicious lunch while visiting downtown Salt Lake City, DP Cheesesteaks should be on your list.  

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