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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dog Lake - Wasatch Mountains

Let me start by saying Utah's dog rules can be a little confusing. 
Why? Because of their watersheds. 

Dogs are not allowed in any of the Utah forests/canyons/mountains etc that drain to a watershed. This was a foreign concept coming from the East Coast but once you figure out there "Can and Can Not's" it isn't too bad.

Dog Lake is between Millcreek Canyon and Big Cottonwood Canyon. The hike can be accessed by either canyon. BUT..if you have a dog, you have to stay on the Millcreek Canyon side. Big Cottonwood Canyon is a watershed canyon that supplies drinking water to the Wasatch Front, therefore no pets are allowed in this canyon. 

We did our research, and headed into the Millcreek Canyon to start our hike. We knew the hike was about 2.5 miles each way and there were two different trails to get to Dog Lake. 

The trail head is located at the end of the road leading into Millcreek Canyon (From the Mill Creek fee station at the park entrance, it is 8.5 miles to the end of the road. Look for the Big Water Trail signs to start your hike). There is a fee once you leave the park, and the parking can be limited so get there early!
Elevation:  1,200'

NOTE:  This hike can only be done when the gate is open (it closes from November to May!)

As you can see, we started at the green arrow, climbed up to Dog Lake, and then went back to the red arrow.  We took the short steeper trail up and the longer more gradual trail down.   The elevation was quiet intense for this road runner, so these glutes were a little sore the next day. 

The trail up was a little rockier and ledgey, but the trail down was b e a u t i f u l.  Trees were just starting to change colors, and the path was nice packed dirt, wider, and had lots of dogs, hikers and bikers along the way. 

Once again, the GoPro caught some beautiful pictures of Utah. 

(Top of Dog Lake). 

(Oops-  self timer did not work out so well- mid sit!)

We took a 30 minute break at dog lake to eat a few snacks, drink a beer, and watch Olive play in the water with the other dogs. 

All GoPro pictures! 

Dog Lake was such a beautiful hike.  The Lake wasn't the most impressive Lake you ever did see, but it was a perfect spot to rest, and a perfect swimming spot (for dogs, and that allowed dogs!).  Be warned that this is a popular trail, especially for mountain bikers, so leave your headphones at home and be aware!

And now... an honorable mention that that evening... which probably needs it's own post. 

After that nice 5.5 mile hike, I balanced it out with some lovely fair food.
Specifically, with Fried Chicken and Waffles on a Stick from the Utah State Fair.

Yes- it was DELICIOUS.  
Fried Chicken put on a stick and in a waffle maker with waffle mix,
 and then jalapeno maple syrup dipping sauce on the side. 

It's all about balance....right?


  1. What a gorgeous hike! I cannot even imagine how good that chicken on a stick was. Life is definitely about balance, and hey, you just burned a bunch of calories on that hike!

    1. That was my theory! give and take! and yes it was gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by!


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