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Friday, April 15, 2011

Excel and Mileage

 I am a little nervous about our broken team..... Jeff and Stephen stop being crazy cross fitters/tough mudders/ what ever else you crazy men do.  I need 12 unbroken team members!

On that note.....I am still limping around the track at times so I did a little math...

I was exciting to sit down and put some of my Excel knowledge to work.  I decided to pick apart my runs, see what I was totaling each week, see what I was increasing in week, see what 10 percent increase was, and see if I was meeting the 10 percent rule or exceeding it.

I suggest putting something together so you know what 10 percent of last week is and you can stick to increasing your workout next week by NO MORE THAN 10 percent.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take it easy, ice, stretch and rest!    The race is next month and I don't want any last minute injuries! It is late in the game and it would be hard to replace team members so be smart!

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