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Monday, April 18, 2011

10k paces


Sorry about all the emails but there is a lot to be done before the race! I am putting together a document that has all the important info from the race book bible- that’s when I noticed an issue……

SO I am reading the race bible and I am a little nervous about our times, I had  you report slower times so we could start earlier but this will cause trouble – please go to the ragnar site- update your profile and put in your accurate 10k pace- please be as accurate as possible.  10 k is 6.2 miles, so time your 6 mile run, or take your 3 mile time double it and add a bit?   Please update everyone!

Ragnars Policy:
Accurate projections are critical to a successful Ragnar Relay. At any given spot along the race route we
have the course set-up and volunteers in place for 6-12 hours. Based on your projections we will start
your team in a way that will keep you within this window. If a team runs just one minute per mile faster
than they projected they will be 3 hours ahead of their projection by the end of the race. For some
teams this could mean that they will be ahead of the set-up crew.

If your team gets too far ahead of projections we may be forced to hold your team at one of the major
exchanges for a couple of hours. If your team is held we will subtract the total time that you were held
from your overall time but your team will be issued one strike.

Attached is the document I put together _ I took all the important information out of the race bible and put it here. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read this- there are A L O T of rules that we need to follow and a lot of information we need to be aware about! 

P.S. Email me once you have fixed your 10 k pace 

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