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Friday, July 28, 2023

Summer Weekend in Stratton, Vermont

It's funny how we think we need big trips to make big memories. We think of epic trips to Hawaii, backpacking around Europe, and cross country road trips. As we adjust to life with two young kids, we are always trying to find ways to make big memories, with them and for them. While that trip abroad certainly made the cut for a "big memory", as I was walking up the gravel driveway to our rented A-frame cabin in Stratton, Vermont after a run, I realized this trip did too. It was a 2.5 hour road trip to the Green Mountain state that made the big memory. For my kids, it was another opportunity to enjoy a few days with both of their grandparents in the same place. For me, it was my 2.5 year old running up the driveway with our two dogs in tow while my sweet little 5 month old napped inside.


The company made the trip, but the lodging had a huge part in making memories as a family. Before kids, I looked for cheap places to stay with some epic things to do. I just needed a place to sleep close to somewhere epic to play. With kids, it's flipped where I look for epic places to stay with the kids and if we leave for a tiny adventure or not at all, thats just fine.


The Chal-A outside of Stratton Vermont was a core memory for our family and just the perfect place to unwind while my kids enjoyed time with their favorite people. It's tucked down a gravel road, perfect for the dogs and perfect for an escape. If you feel like wandering from the cabin, you are in between Mount Snow and Stratton, great hiking trails, and an awesome swimming pond. Because we visited during the week (and during some intense flash flooding), we didn't have a ton of options at the mountain and instead, just opted to walk around and visit the ski stores. If you visit during the weekend, you have options like mountain biking, scenic chair lift rides, and scenic gondola rides.  

This was a great trip where we went with the philosophy, less is more. We mostly hung around the cabin, enjoying each other's company and the quiet down a gravel road in Vermont. Campfire, walks around the area, swimming at the pond, and dinner on the deck was the name of the game for this trip. 

Where we stayed:

We stayed at the Chal-A-frame in Stratton, Vermont. This new a frame cabin in dog-friendly and is tucked away in the woods down a grave road. The cabin sleeps six with three bedrooms with queen sized beds and 1.5 bathrooms. The property is beautiful and you can enjoy s'mores by the fire, snooze in the hammock, grill with friends, and just unwind. The cabin has wifi, AC, a lovely little wood stove, and just about everything you need for a relaxing getaway in every season. 

What we did:

Gorgeous little lake with camping sites, a hiking trail around the lake (and beyond), and a beach for swimming. Dog-friendly with bathrooms (outhouses), a well pump, and picnic tables. In the summer, you can drive right down to the lake and parking area, no hiking required. We swam with the dogs and the next morning, I ran the loop around the pond. The trails will be very wet in the spring and after rain events. In the winter, you will have to park by the main road and hike down to the lake.

Golf, lift service mountain biking (Varying days, July is open Thursday through Sunday), hiking, scenic chair lift rides, and gondola rides (Varying days, July is open Thursday through Sunday). We stopped by and walked around the village. 

Next Time:

Golf, lift service mountain biking (Friday through Sunday), hiking, scenic chair lift rides (Friday through Sunday)

Take the gondola up to the summit where you can start a hike or just enjoy the views from the top. The gondola is dog-friendly

There are a lot of great hikes both on the ski mountains and nearby. A hike up Bromley Mountain via Long Trail (Appalachian Trail) gives you a chance to enjoy some views and hike the iconic Long Trail and AT. 

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