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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Sunset (and wedding photos) at Otter Point - Acadia National Park, Maine

Caddilac Mountain in Acadia National Park is famous for its sunrises.  Hoards of people hike or drive their way to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise on the eastern seaboard, a claim to fame for being the first sight of sunrise in the continental United States from October to March at least. 

But what you hear less about is a killer sunset in Acadia National Park.  If waking up two hours before sunrise to drive or hike up a crowded mountain isn't how you want to spend your morning, you can catch the other end of the deal - sunset at Otter Point.  

When we were planning our wedding photos with Kat of Swell and Stone, she had the idea of pairing an afternoon hike of The Beehive with a stop at Otter Point after our hike to catch the sunset.  

While visitors flock to neighboring popular spots like Thunder Hole or Sand Beach, Otter Point sort of keeps to itself and we somehow had the place to ourselves.  Otter Point is kind of catch-all, it's not hard to get to, it's not a long hike in, it's just a drive to a scenic spot where you can cuddle up on the rocks and enjoy a famous Acadia sunset.  Bonus points if you pack a picnic and champagne. 

As we arrived at the parking area and walked across the street and down the path, we were greeted with moody skies and clouds that enveloped us in on the rocky shores.  The scenery before us is pretty much what I envisioned some of Alaska to be and while not the sunset we originally planned, we loved the contrast of our wedding photos - a sunny hike up the mountain on The Beehive to this moody rocky shore on the ocean. Maine really and truly has it all.  

We canoodled, Kat took a bunch of insanely beautiful pictures and while the clouds never cleared in time for sunset views, they did offer a pretty amazing backdrop for our photos and one hell of a sunset to dance on.  

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