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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Mount Phillip Loop Hike - Rome, Maine

There are many times I am grateful to be a Connecticut resident.  Mid-summer during the COVID-19 pandemic is definitely one of them.  While other states were opening up their bars and welcoming spring breakers in May, Connecticut kept a tight hold on its restrictions.  Indoor restaurants did not open until mid-June and social distancing and mask rules were strictly enforced.  Being a Connecticut Resident was is like having a European passport and being able to leave your borders.  A lot of New England states are allowing Connecticut residents, the land of lobsters included.  Maine's travel restrictions include a 14-day quarantine or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours to enter it's state lines.  However, there is an exception for New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.  Here in Connecticut, we have been very careful as we have been working on the house with my father who is high-risk.  Our safe habits and our license were golden tickets and we (responsibly) traveled to the state of Maine to spend a little bit of time in Portland and see our wedding venue.  Oh, and this lovely little hike which was in the middle of these two places.  

We had already spent a day in Portland, Maine and after breakfast, we headed northwest towards a beautiful property called Grace On The Lake.  We figured the dogs would love the chance to stretch their legs, and when in Maine, go for a hike.  The prerequisite for the hike was something on the shorter side, something scenic, and something fairly on the way.  I quickly found Mount Philip and we headed straight to the trailhead for a quick stretch and views.  

It was a Tuesday in July and the parking lot was empty.  We put the dogs on their leashes, left our water in the car, and headed out on the trail.  The trail was well marked and we crossed the rocky terrain until we reached the summit about 0.7 miles later.  From the summit, we saw a view of the lake through the treeline and soaked in the sunshine before heading back down the trail, completing the loop until we made our way back to the trailhead.  Short, sweet, and quiet - it was a perfect pit stop with the dogs and a little taste of Maine.  

Route:  Loop trail 
Distance:  1.4 miles round trip
Elevation: Approx 340 feet gain, summit elevation 755 feet
Skill Level:  Easy 
Trail:  Follow the Blue trail right from the parking lot.  After a tenth of a mile, the trail splits off and the loop can be completed clockwise or counterclockwise.
Dogs and Kids:  Dog (on-leash) and Kid-Friendly (some rocky sections)
Directions:  Off Rome Road (Route 225) across from Star Bird Lane, 1.5 miles east of the Rome Corner (the junction of Routes 27 and 225). Dirt parking lot with access to the trail.
Highlights:  Short loop with beautiful views from the summit.  You can see views of Great Pond to the south and the Kennebec Highlands to the west. The property is managed by the 7 Lakes Alliance. 

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