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Monday, April 13, 2020

Utah - Day 4 - Snowbird, Pretty Bird Chicken and Normal Ice Cream

It's been almost a month since I posted here, and nearly 3 months since the trip I am posting about.  Let me catch you up quick.  First off, we spent February packing up Adam's house and moving it into mine.  By the end of February, he had closed on his house and we were off to Disney World for five days.  As we prepped for Disney, the Coronavirus was just becoming a real thing.  It was new and far away still and we went to Disney loaded with hand sanitizer more for the norovirus and flu than anything else.  We got back from Disney and adjusted to life in my 1,000 SF into the month of March.

By mid-March, we decided to start looking at houses and get mine ready to put on the market.  We built shelving in the basement, re-roofed the house, installed the gas fireplace and did the odds and ends to get the house ready to sell.  We found our dream house and they accepted an offer and then the coronavirus hit the US full force.  We've been adjusting and I wrote a whole post on this new way of life.   

So now that you are caught up, let's talk about the rest of this trip to Utah. 

It was Day 4 in Utah and we had plans to ski Snowbird. It was another grey overcast day and I woke up feeling less than stellar. I was abnormally tired and this cough had just crept in (I blamed it on the altitude). We packed up the car and headed up the canyon to Snowbird. We were bummed that the weather was giving us another clouded-in day with zero visibility but excited to ski another resort together.

We skied a few runs, we dipped into Mineral Basin and we went through the tunnel/museum. We skied a little bit and I started to feel like I was hit by a large truck, twice. I was so achy and tired that I started to envy the skiers ahead of me who were farther down the mountain than me.  This my friends, is how you know you should no longer be skiing.  

We packed the car back up and stopped at CVS for some supplies.  Theraflu, chicken noodle soup and a lot of ibuprofen did the trick as we settled back into our condo.  Later in the day, we finally got off the couch and headed into downtown Salt Lake City for a new-to-me spot in town spot to grab dinner to go, Pretty Bird Chicken.  

Pretty Bird Chicken is one of those places that only do a few things, but damn they do them well.  Long story short, you come here for fried chicken.  There are only a handful of things on the menu, and they are centered on fried chicken. 

Chicken Sandwich or a quarter chicken, fries, slaw, pickles.  You come for the chicken and you wait in line for the chicken.  You willingly stand outside huddled in a corner to eat your chicken because this fried chicken is that good.  You get to pick the level of heat on your seasoning and enjoy the most amazing piece of fried chicken - even better than chick-fil-a.  The sandwich is gigantic and this is the perfect Friday night (okay, any night) dinner.  The slaw, the sauce, the pickles, and that bun only add to the brilliance of this chicken sandwich.  

We ended the chicken sandwich experience with a trip to Normal Ice Cream to round out this insanely unhealthy dinner #Vacation.  It was a little too trendy for me, but we enjoyed fancy icecream post fried chicken before heading back to the AirBnb and calling it a day.  

A little bit of skiing, one hell of a fried chicken sandwich, ice cream and the flu.  

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